“We created Team Body Project to share our passion for exercise
and excellent movement with others who want to feel good about their
body and experience great health.”

Passionate about movement

We created Team Body Project to provide achievable, sustainable and realistic workout plans, for every BODY!

We are not fitness models and we don’t exercise for two or three hours a day. We don’t have the time! We’re busy parents with three children and our workouts reflect this – real workouts for real people that deliver real results.

Taking part in Body Project will help you develop a relationship with movement that changes the way you think and feel about exercising.
We are proud that our members develop a passion, love and motivation for exercise that stays with them for life. Once you start your Body Project, you shouldn’t have to worry about stopping, you won’t want to.

We are a small company, so if you ask a question there’s a very good chance myself or one of our team may even answer you ourselves (if our wonderful members don’t get there first). Of course, our support team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have (just reach out to [email protected]).

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website and for working out with us.

Daniel and Alexandra

Daniel and Alexandra

Real People
Real Workouts
Real Results

Your Coaches


Alexandra Bartlett

Cardio and Pilates

Starting in the fitness industry at 16, health has always featured heavily in Alexandra’s life.

She created an exclusive Pilates system for Team Body Project to develop core strength and better muscle activation.

She has a passion for sharing everything she has learnt to enable others to live healthier lives.


Daniel Bartlett

Cardio and resistance

As an experienced gym owner, certified personal trainer and qualified life coach, Daniel is a veteran of promoting positive behaviours that create change.

A passionate health activist, Daniel believes that many of us are sleeping giants with a potential for greatness that can be unlocked through the attainment of excellent health and the energy and vitality it brings.


Luke Sharp

Strength and conditioning

An experienced boutique gym owner and professional team strength and conditioning coach, Luke’s greatest reward is changing lives through positive fitness habits. Luke’s focus is on strength training, which he embraces as the key to longevity and improved health and fitness.

In addition to resistance and cardio workouts, Luke believes in increasing incidental movement, expanding our social connections, and paying attention to our body clocks.


Hollie Darke

Strength and conditioning

Hollie is one of our newest coaches, but already a huge fan favourite! With over a decade working in the fitness industry and with a Sports Therapy degree, Hollie is fully immersed in helping people look after their own health and fitness on a holistic level.

Her high-energy but totally accessible style of training will push you in all the best ways. That’s because one of her passions is helping people find their own power within.

Real TBP Member Participants


Natarsha Crowley

Tarsh has been backing up Alex and Daniel for many years, and her experience shows. She is our high impact star, and if you’re looking for a push, you can always look to Tarsh!


Kristen Lowrey

Kristen is the low-impact queen. She’s well known and well-loved for always having a smile on her face no matter the rigours of the workout! And she’s proof that low impact really works.


Christine Larbi-Bram

Christine brings absolute joy to every workout that she participates in. The other members (and the coaches!) can feel the good energy and vibes she delivers and are driven by her hard work ethic!


Jaimie Macklin

Jaimie is one of our new member participants, and has already become a team fave. With a background in fitness she jumps between high impact and low, proving that both are a great choice!

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