You’ve seen her kicking butt in our videos and many of you have been inspired by her transformation, but what you may not know about Kristen is that she is also the word wizard behind many of our blogs and newsletters. Let’s get to know Team Body Project member Kristen!

Kristen has been training with us for years and is a shining example of what drives the Team Body Project team to keep making videos and showing up for our community. We love her warm smile, her ‘why not’ attitude – and of course those occasional tumbles that remind us not to take ourselves too seriously!

Kristen brings a welcome dose of fun to our workouts. And we are so excited to share why she loves TBP and a little bit about her Body Project results with you.

We’ve all gotten to know your gorgeous smile and enthusiasm in the workouts. Can you tell us a little bit about the person behind that smile?

‘I’ve always been an active person. I played sports most of my life, and as a kid I was always on my bike or out playing in the neighbourhood. Today I spend more time at my computer, but I still love bushwalking, swimming and of course TBP!

My kids and my husband John are my favourite people in the world. I have three children, two boys (12 and 11) and a girl (6). I love basketball but can’t really play anymore due to bad knees. In my free time, I like reading, baking, growing veggies, walking in the bush with my cocker spaniel – and doing TBP workouts, of course.

Your Team Body Project results are inspiring, how have they improved your life?

‘Like many people, I yo-yoed between what I thought of as my own ‘healthy weight’, which is of course individual for everyone. But I found that TBP really works. I’ve lost about 20kg working out with TBP and eating a healthy diet.

But it’s really not about the weight – it’s about how much healthier and energetic I feel now! During Covid, TBP also became my lifeline to sanity, giving me an easy way to move my body every day.

I struggled after having my third child, but eventually found that walking my dog for half an hour every day and doing a workout most days worked for me. I try to be steady and consistent – I don’t do workouts every single day and never do more than one a day. And everything that I do is low impact.’

How did you kick off your Team Body Project adventure?

‘I met Alex when our children were in the same class at school. Over time, I learned about TBP and Alex encouraged me to try the free classes. Her words were, “There are so many free workouts. Give them a go!”

Of course, I loved all the workout options on YouTube and the free subscription. My first workout plan was Real Start and, like many other members, was immediately hooked. In 2019, I became an annual member and I’ve never looked back.’

How did you go from watching the workout videos to featuring in them?

‘If you’d ever asked me if I would be in a workout video I would have fallen on the floor laughing! I’ve never been the most graceful! But one day Alex asked me if I’d consider coming in and doing some filming. I wasn’t sure if that was for me, but I thought what the heck. I’d give it a try.

That was when I met Natarsha and the three of us became fast friends. I love that TBP has given me a community and friendship group, as well as health and fitness.’

Our members want the behind-the-scenes scoop on our workout videos…

‘There’s not much to say because what you see is what you get! We almost always film straight through – so when I look like I’m struggling, I really am since I’m doing the workout just like you! The only exceptions are if we have a mic stop working or some other technical problem.

Also, if we look like we’re having fun, that’s because we are! Tarsh, Alex and Daniel make me laugh so much. I haven’t filmed as much with Hollie, Luke and Jaimie, but they’re just as funny and lovely as they seem on screen.

I guess some little insights are that we don’t have any air conditioning, so the sweat is real! And we often have the doors wide open so sometimes little birds fly in, which is cute.’

You have an injury. Has that affected your ability to do the workouts?

‘As a former basketball player, I have extremely bad knees and osteoarthritis. I’ve had a total of seven knee surgeries, with the last two in 2018. I always thought I’d never be able to do these kinds of workout videos again. But with the low impact and standing options that TBP offer, there’s (almost) no workout video I can’t do and I love the flexibility and variety.

I’m actually extremely grateful to have something that I love that has kept me moving despite bad knees.’

Do you have a favourite type of workout?

My favourite workouts are the strength training and resistance ones. Also, I love all the knee friendlies for obvious reasons!

Which coach do you connect with most?

‘I love Alex’s push and Daniel’s motivation. In the beginning, I would alternate between them as they both offered something different each time. Now I just look for videos without me in them! And I’m really loving both Hollie and Luke for their new approaches.’

Feeling inspired?

If Kristen’s Team Body Project results have given you an extra boost of motivation, why not give it a go for yourself? No matter how big your goals, every dream begins with a first step. Follow in Kristen’s footsteps by signing up to Team Body project’s free workouts. You have nothing to lose and we’ll be here in your corner, cheering you on all the way! Register here.

  1. Lisa Smith 6 days ago

    Love you all! Been with you for around 4 yrs.
    Thanks for all the hard work you put in for all of us.
    Keep keeping it real!!!!

  2. Alysha Luginu 2 weeks ago

    Kristen!!!! Your one of my favorites on TBP. With Alex’s push, Daniel’s encouragement, authenticity, and Tarsh’s consistency I have transformed my body and my mental health has greatly improved. There is so many stressors in the world today, both in the home and out. Not to be creepy but you guys kinda became by best friends at the end of 2020 and through 2021. I appreciate the family friendly videos. I’m pretty sure TBP is the only quality workout spot that I don’t have to be concerned about what my kids see and hear! You are all a blessing to me! Someday I need to meet you all and thank you in person! Kristen, I can relate to you. I also played sports growing up. I mostly played softball and basketball. I also have terrible knees because of that. I was always trying to keep up with my older brother and his friend on their bikes too. We were always outside running around. After my kids I allowed my body to get out of control and I thank you for taking the step to join in with the videos. You are a bright light and an inspiration! I just love you!!

  3. Julie Salles 3 weeks ago

    Hi team,

    Thank you for this team member highlight! Loved getting to know Kristen a little better. Her smile is contagious!

    I am so grateful to you all, after surviving brain surgery I decided that I would change my life for the better and that’s where you come in. Like many other members, I found you on YouTube and felt connected to you all immediately! Like Kristen, I have yoyo diet for most of my life but after going thru such a life changing experience I change the way I think about food, health and exercise. Since 2021, I have lost over 50lbs and have maintained. You are a HUGE part of this, I am truly grateful!

    Thank you!
    Much love from NY!

  4. Kat Brondon 3 weeks ago

    Love to all of you from Bradenton, FL., USA. You each truly put in the effort to make exercising interesting, fun and worthwhile. I keep thinking “C’MON, you can do anything for 45 seconds!” (even if I do have to modify some). Look forward to reading everyone else’ blogs.

  5. Judy Carmick 3 weeks ago

    Love all the workouts you’re in Kristen and have enjoyed following your journey. One thing the interviewer didn’t touch on was where you’re from originally. Im guessing the US? And how did you end up in Australia? Just curious. Keep up the good work!

  6. Mirjam Van ‘t Hof 3 weeks ago

    Hi Kisten and team,

    Thanks you for sharing your story and the inspiration. Your smile gives me the courage to go on and get a better health.

    Thanks and love,

    Mirjam ( The Netherlands)

  7. Addie Begashaw 3 weeks ago

    Kristen, whenever I work out with the video you are in, I realize how motivated I am by your beautiful smile and your little jokes, especially with Daniel. Thank you for making these videos fun and natural.

  8. Mary Jo Kirschman 3 weeks ago

    I keep urging my friends here in Baltimore USA to join all of you because YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL!
    I love that you motivate us to work hard using humor, intelligence and compassion rather than competition. The whole world could use a big dose of TBP!

    Mary Jo

  9. Robin Hooper 3 weeks ago

    Just saw the blog. Great idea! I commented in messages how Kristen looks fantastic! AND that smile I just love. It gets me through the exercises and the day! She is definitely a favorite. Wonderful family photo! KEEP SMILING!

  10. Vivian Siry 3 weeks ago

    Love working out with you, Kristen! Your smile always brightens the workout for me!

  11. Jo Dutton 3 weeks ago

    Awww! What a beautiful family you have, Kristen. It’s great seeing your smile on the workouts and how nice it is to see people with different abilities and struggles represented. It really is motivational and shows workouts can be for everyone.

  12. Jennifer Guida 3 weeks ago

    Love your warm smile!!! It really keeps my energy up!!’

  13. Zunzika Okpo 3 weeks ago

    Kristen, you make working out with you so so fun! Sometimes I stop and just laugh with you about whatever you said! Lol. You’re amazing! Thank you for joining TBP! THank you for your inspiring story!!

  14. Lucy Eccles 3 weeks ago

    You are wonderful TBP! Thank you <3
    Lucy x
    (Brighton, UK)

  15. Ellen Metter 3 weeks ago

    What a neat read. Thank you for sharing! I have no clue how you all do workouts without air conditioning. I am impressed!

  16. Sandra Scott 3 weeks ago

    Dear Kristen and TBP Team, I have been a member since Sept 2019, and starting in 2020, my husband started working out with me. We can always count on your amazing smile Kristen! You are all our morning people, we get to see you everyday – yes, it is a solid part of my routine each day. Some days are 30 minutes and other days I have time for a full hour, but it always happens and I am so grateful for the chatting, sharing and laughter that you bring to the team Kristen! It feels like we are working out with friends! I am so grateful, I tell everyone about TBP.

    Thank you for being your beautiful awesome self Kristen! Here’s to an amazing 2024!

    Sandra (Winnipeg, Canada)

  17. Laura McDowell 3 weeks ago

    You inspire me (and so many of us) every day! Nice to hear your story….I also love your humor and your positive attitude. You are truly and GEM and we are all very lucky to have you with us!

  18. Linda Eden 3 weeks ago

    This is so beautiful! Kristen you are a complete champion in every way.
    Your infectious smile and enthusiasm comes through the screen into my workout space.
    I love TBP and everything it stands for, can’t wait to see all the new opportunities 2024 brings to all of the wonderful members. We are a Team … and a family! Thank you .
    From Montreal ❤️

  19. Kathy Horner 3 weeks ago

    Kristen and team,

    You have created a whole new world for me. I am 67 -have been dieting, struggling, and exercising in some fasion since before my now 42 and 44 year old babies. Nothing on this very long journey has become a treasure like TBP has. My entire health lifestyle is 100% available to me at home due to this site. Most recently the Transform for Life book has become my heath and fitness bible. I love every word of it Daniel. Kristen you have a light that always shines and brightens our path and your transformation is beautiful both you and Tarsh feel like family to all of us on the other side of the screen. Alex- well I used to skip her workouts because they were too hard but after being here 3 years I love and look forward to those torturous one hour (nearly) level 4 almost daily. Saving the 5’s. . As you can tell I love all of you and the gift of LIFE you give me. (Kathy-Minnesota USA)

  20. Alicia DeBerry 3 weeks ago

    It’s so awesome that you guys found Kristen. What a wonderful addition to the team. I look forward to seeing everyone and enjoying you all with each other and me

  21. Karen Conceicao 3 weeks ago

    Dear Kristen,

    Your presence in all the TBP videos has been a big part of why I’ve kept going. Starting as a free member and now subscribing, I owe much of my motivation to you.

    I was searching for simple standing exercises online, ones that wouldn’t strain my back too much. That’s when I found TBP videos. While Daniel and Alex bring their own strengths, your smile and positivity truly shone through.

    You’re truly an amazing person, and your positivity is contagious. Thank you for being such a significant part of my fitness journey. Your impact reaches far beyond what you might imagine.

    Love, Karen xoxo (from Tasmania)

  22. Brigitte Kay 3 weeks ago

    Hello Team,

    I don’t contribute much in the community due to time constraints, but that does not mean I shirk my workouts. They are all different, just as Kristen says, and I love having two additional coaches.

    Like Kristen, I have osteoarthritis, and therefore love the standing options as well as the knee-friendlies. However, I can do most workouts and I just adjust the movements.

    Kristen, thank you for your inspiring story and like you, I plan to continue making TBP a big part of my life.

    Thank you and have a very good and successful 2024!

    Brigitte (Toronto, Canada)

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