The full interview with Kylie Young, who lost over 100lbs using Team Body Project workouts and now features in the new Real Start Evolve Plan.

  1. Claire Bloch 1 year ago

    Kylie – You are lovely and inspiring! Congratulations on the mind shift that led to the health shift. Keep it up!
    Claire from Washington DC

  2. Liz 1 year ago

    So encouraging to hear Kylie’s story. I’m on my way to being healthier too. So glad I found Team Body Project!

  3. Jodi 1 year ago

    This was great. Thank you, Daniel, for being so genuine and not gimmicky and obnoxious. To Kylie, great work. You’ve set yourself up for a happier and healthier lifetime. That’s an incredible achievement!

  4. kylie Chamberlain 1 year ago

    Wel done Kylie (cant believe we have the same name and my husbands names Adam too hahaha)
    Such an inspiration to all…
    So grateful for Team Body Project for always motivating me and keeping our workouts fun!

  5. Douha Sabbagh 1 year ago

    Watched this story while on break at work. Great job Kylie and an inspiration indeed. Been using Daniel’s ‘progress not perfection’ in class !!!

  6. salasa3 9 months ago

    I just wanna thank you and Alex for all the videos you make! You’re truly amazing and have transformed so many people’s lives. I’m very grateful that people like you exist and I appreciate all your help 🙂

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