I was a teenager until my early thirties.
I wasn’t actually a teenager of course, that particular magic trick is reserved for Peter Pan and Bill and Ted.

Rather, I was a teenager philosophically speaking.

I knew best. And by knowing best, I mean I knew everything. And by knew everything, I mean I didn’t know anything.

You see, I was a rebel. I didn’t want to follow the rules. Whenever somebody showed me a method of doing something or anything,  my teenage brain squeezed any logic and sense from it and cast it aside.

Rebels don’t follow the rules, or guidelines, or methods. They do it their way. At least, that’s what I thought rebels did.

“Daniel.” Alex would say.

“Why don’t you have a diary like everybody else? Everybody needs a diary.”

I would reply tapping my temple smugly.

“Not when you’ve got everything stored up here.”

Before realising my client was waiting in a freezing cold field in Battersea for her diariless, teenaged brained Personal Trainer.

Fortunately, like many who discover what is glaringly obvious to others later in life, a lesson learned hard can often become a lesson learned well.

I came to realise that structure is a framework on which we can hang a life of our own choosing.

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And on to Team Body Project I strode.

No workout plan or system has a more solid focus on structure.

You only have to press play, confident our robust structure will keep you moving in the right direction – allowing you to exceed expectations on the good days and ‘get it done’ on the bad ones. Structure doesn’t limit your capacity – it expands it. 

As a person who had to learn the exponential benefits of order and consistency the hard way – it has been a priority of mine to give our members a structure that would allow them to thrive and see their physical health blossom.

Most people assume that the reason we have structured workout plans at Body Project is the order and balance of the workouts – and while this is crucially important, it’s down the list…

Why structure matters for results

Reason 1:

A structured plan gets DONE!

If it’s in the diary it gets done. If you KNOW what you have to do next, you do it. We’ve got the data to back this up.

Somebody following a plan is three times as likely to be working out a year later than somebody that is not.*

Yes, that’s right. Like an appointment in the diary can prevent people from freezing in cold fields in Battersea. A workout appointment in your diary stops you from putting your feet up and watching TV.

Reason 2:

A structured plan provides focus  

Once the decision of WHAT to do is made for you, you can focus on the far more important variable. HOW you do it. Once you free yourself of thought of whether what you are doing is the right stuff, you can focus on getting the right stuff done, right.

This is an extraordinary game changer!

Reason 3:

A structured plan, plans for progress 

A random approach has a random outcome. It saddens me to say this, but of the thousands of hours I have spent in workout environments, people who have no definitive plan make no definitive progress. They continue to work at the same intensity and with the same level of mastery year after year and workout after workout.
This is excellent if maintenance is your goal – but if you want to move forwards, you have to move forwards. You follow?

The structure of the plans here at Team Body Project makes sure you continue to push yourself and get the benefits that your hard work and investment in your self deserve.

So take advantage of our expertise in choosing the right blend of workouts and let us lighten the load…

…follow a structured plan and watch your body thrive and results pour over you, like a waterfall of progress…

*Study on 8,342 members over a 12 month period.

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  1. Jennifer Jarvis 6 years ago

    Once again, another post illustrating TBP’s philosophy of personal empowerment. Excellent post!!

  2. Jessica Rinn 6 years ago

    Another excellent post, Daniel and another post that speaks my language! I always say that I NEED structure SO THAT I can be creative. It provides me with stability, I know what’s up, I know what’s expected, I know where I am going. And this works in my exercise life as well as in my every day life… No guesswork at TBP, which means we CAN come up with fun plans on our own, or little crazy things we might want to try, BECAUSE… we know there is an excellent plan to dig us out of the hole we might end up digging ourselves into 😉

  3. Heather Santos 6 years ago

    This is all so true. Following a plan is so beneficial. I had to step back from the plan I was doing and between the disappointment of that and the anxiety of all the medical tests looming I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water. No plan and no tracking for several days has proved to me that I NEED that structure. So today I’ll jump on the Develop plan and get back to tracking because I know that’s exactly what will get me through! This is one reason I love TBP so much …even after all this time I’m still learning on this journey…you’re always providing such helpful tools to ensure LONG lasting results! Thank you! If it wasn’t for TBP I’d probably be overloading my body with junk, but instead I’m about to go get started on a new plan !

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