That’s a word that sails a thousand ships…isn’t it?

I SHOULD work out, because i’m unfit.
I SHOULD go on a diet, because the doctor said i’m overweight.
I SHOULD care about my health more, because, well, I SHOULD…

…because saying these things to ourselves (and listening to others saying them) over and again has proven itself to be effective…NOT!

Instead of saying to yourself you SHOULD do anything, use the word CHOOSE.

I CHOOSE to workout, because I deserve the benefits.
I CHOOSE to eat healthy foods, because I love my body.
I CHOOSE to care about my health, because my family and friends deserve the best of me.

You will succeed because of the worth you place in yourself, the way you are TODAY…NOT in the shame you feel about the way you SHOULD be tomorrow.

Choose YOU!

You deserve health and vitality. Your BODY deserves movement and care!

Go get it!

  1. CStavert 3 weeks ago

    You are so right, Daniel!

    The wee voice in my head says”I really need to do x, y or z”, or sometimes “I must do…”. Trying to make the change to a more positive frame of mind, isn’t easy, but awareness of that wee the voice is the first step.

    I’m here because I choose to do something about my health.


  2. Deanna 2 weeks ago

    This is a great message Daniel! Choosing to take care of ourselves , because we deserve it !! We must continue to remind ourselves!

  3. Streetie 2 weeks ago

    Thank you Daniel. This is something I have been struggling with for a while. I should… a great way to beat myself up when I don’t manage to get something done. I choose is so much kinder to ourselves.
    I am choosing to do a workout now.
    Have a good one.

  4. Teresa Tyler 1 week ago

    I work out for myself, and nobody else, but me , you guys are the best.

  5. Mao 3 days ago

    My favorite is I DO!

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