I’m going to keep this blog short today. Short and packed with punch.

  • You will feel bored with your workout plan sometimes.
  • You will feel demotivated with your workout plan from time to time (or often).
  • You will feel like giving up during your workout frequently.
  • You will feel too tired to workout many, many times.
  • You will wake up some mornings and feel like the last thing you want to do is workout.

How do I know this?

Because ALL of us feel like this.

You see, emotions and feelings, for want of a better term, are wonderfully useful things.

They guide us in choosing life partners, in being kind and caring parents, in building warm and worthwhile friendships and in being generally decent citizens of our earth – they are however, completely useless when it comes to helping us workout.

When it comes to exercise choice is your power. Not feeling.

You have the power to do whatever you choose to do, because you contain within you an endless supply of the power of choice!

That’s exactly how much power you have and that is a lot of power!

The power of choice is infinite and unbreakable if we choose it to be so.

Choice is where power lies with exercise and health. The choice to say:

“Despite my feelings telling me otherwise, I choose to do it.” 

If we don’t exercise (mind the pun) our power to choose, our feelings will take over the decision making process – and they will get it wrong. If you let your feelings guide your journey, you’ll end up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn when you’re meant to be sweating your way to greatness!

So, in the words of the great (fictional) space explorer Jean Luc Piccard.

‘Make it so’. 

You are powerful enough to make it however you choose it to be.

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  1. Susan Mayer 5 years ago

    Even when I don’t want to… I ALWAYS feel great when I do!!!! This is what I try to bring to the forefront of my mind to influence my choice to press PLAY!

  2. Debbi Ragsdale 5 years ago

    I hope I always choose to Press play. It saves my tush in more ways than I could count. It eases the stress or emotion I’m actually trying to use to AVOID the workout. If I’m fighting the doldrums or the “i don’t wanna’s,” I tell myself I can do the entire thing at low impact, or just pick and choose a couple of moves, or just step in place through the entire thing – but I have to press play. While I may TELL myself this, it has NEVER happened like that. I press play and the magic happens. I’m lost in it, and those “feelings” are soon discovered as “feelings,” not facts – just feelings during the exercise. I walk away feeling better than I did – and more times than not – I have a better attitude to deal with whatever my issue was. It’s not always going to play out my way – but when I can – I’ll exercise that power of choice. Thanks for the post.

  3. John 5 years ago

    Yes! Amazing. And quite right. Today I chose, despite myself

  4. Nina Fogelman 5 years ago

    Absolutely! I am sure I posted a while back that even when I was going through some very dark moments and my medications were not working – where I did not go out of the house for days and was ready to pack up and check out of life in a way – I pressed PLAY and sometimes it was the only thing I did and for that moment or for the duration of the workout and for a bit afterwards I had hope again. TBP and Pressing Play have become my lifeline whether I am up or down.

  5. Sami Bradley 5 years ago

    Love this! We have the power to choose every day, no magic formula!

  6. MikeFleming 5 years ago

    Everyone needs this reminder from time to time. It’s up to each of us, and it’s down to today. Press play, sweat, be glad you did, repeat tomorrow! It’s our power, and it’s our choice!

  7. annie 5 years ago

    This is a great blog and well said indeed. But sometimes when life kicks us very, very hard, it helps to find a place like TBP to help us back up. It is up to us to make a choice to start, but a helping hand to motivate, encourage, inspire and provide us with the tools necessary is not always easy to find. I think Daniel and TBP make these choices a wee bit easier.

  8. Heather Santos 5 years ago

    I love this blog! I know despite every feeling telling me not to work out on those type of days, I actually need that workout more than ever! Life will knock us down, that’s unavoidable…sometimes it’ll even kick us while we’re down…but getting back up is a choice. Getting back up, pressing play, preparing a nutritious meal, being kind to ourselves/others, making the most of even the darkest situation…well we make those choices! Sometimes I choose right, sometimes I don’t. Thanks for another great blog! I think this one will really hit home and resonate with every member who reads it!

  9. nicolethrower 5 years ago

    Well said!

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