In this second VLOG I discuss why the process is more important than the outcome, why I love unloading the dishwasher and how perfection doesn’t exist, except in poached eggs.

There is of course far more useful content in here than that…including a lesson I learned this week I believe will transform my life…and potentially yours too.

I hope you enjoy, any questions or suggestions please do comment below.


  1. Juliet Allarie 6 years ago

    “Progress is better than change because change is always coming.” ~ Daniel Bartlett

    • Juliet Allarie 6 years ago

      “Progress is better than change because PROGRESS is always coming.” ~ Daniel Bartlett

  2. LISA HARVEY 6 years ago

    I enjoyed your blog today. I don’t know if you are aware or know much about American college football, but a lot of what you said reminds me of Nick Saban. He is the coach of the 17 time national champions Alabama Crimson Tide (Roll Tide Roll!) and yes I am a big fan. Coach Saban has a “process” that the players must buy into to achieve success. Every day do the little things with excellence and winning takes care of itself. Same with health,exercising. Stick with it, do it to the best of your ability and health will take care of its self. Thanks so much for all you and your lovely wife do.

  3. Adam 6 years ago

    I read Practicing Mind last year 🙂 For nearly two years now I start my day practicing bass. This is the first thing I do after breakfast pretty much every day. With checklists pre-populated on Trello, I follow my plan and keep a diary. Practicing Mind, strongly recommended!

  4. Jessica Rinn 6 years ago

    Another FUN vlog – thank you! I am all about the process: being a housewife means I do the same things OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER endlessly… I have discovered that if I keep the end goal in mind, I will only be so, so, so frustrated because my work will be unrecognizable within minutes of being done. I cook a splendid meal and half an hour later, there is a pile of dirty dishes to take care of, there are pots and pans to scrub, a table to clean up, a floor to sweep… And then, within a couple of hours, I have to start all over AGAIN… Argh!! Same with cleaning, same with laundry, or IRONING, etc. etc. If I make it about the GOAL, I will be endlessly frustrated.The NEXT is always the SAME and it is always about the be undone…. But if I focus on the process, I feel I get it done faster, more cheerfully, and in the end, I am happy with what I did rather than frustrated with how it is not going to last. Same with exercise – I focus on getting this workout done as if each one is a little journey in and of itself. And the progress somehow COMES, without me being frustrated, waiting for it to happen, dreading the work it takes, etc. Enjoying the journey (in which we spend MOST of our time) is the key to reaching that goal…. Again, it is a style of life, not an episodic sort of thing…

    • Kärt 6 years ago

      Exactly what Jessica said, man, you’re good!

      I have been working out almost a year now. I’m still overweight, but about 10 kg less than I was and I’ve gained strength in my muscles that I never knew I could have. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.. my end goal.. and it’s as if I don’t have it. I just want to feel good in my body, set an example for my kids and just do what I do for the rest of my life. I’ve been overweight most of my life and, sure, it’d be interesting to see what I look like being in normal weight and I’m going to be hell of a proud of myself once i’m there, but it’s really not the goal. Anymore! It was, though, for the longest time.
      The ‘being in the process’ really hits home as well as I’ve recently discovered that my most memorable workout victories have been the ones where i’m not thinking about anything else, just doing what I’m supposed to be doing with good form and really being mindful about it. These workouts are tougher for sure (never mind the actual level), so with them comes a greater sense of pride. There’s a few workouts where in the beginning you say something like ‘forget what you’re supposed to be doing and just focus on the workout’ and i find that these however brief reminders really help!

  5. Sami Bradley 6 years ago

    Love this, being more mindful has so many benefits! I think it is so interesting when you talk about “What’s next.” After I hit my first and second major goals it is a little less clear for me where to move to next, but I am a goal oriented person so feel a little lost without something specific in mind… so without anything clear the self defeating comments are always close by haha.
    I am going to try being more mindful when I am playing farm with my 5 year old, he always is asking and I am not wanting to quit the never-ending list of things to do and next time just really be present for him… can’t always happen (6 hours a day like he would like) but quality over quantity. Anyways, thanks love that your vlogs apply to our health goals and the rest of life!

  6. john prockter 6 years ago

    Discipline. Presence…. Daniel you don’t need encouragement from me, but if it means anything, you’re knocking it out the park with this vlog series. So good. Thank you so much 🙂

  7. Lesley 6 years ago

    Yes you are a loon Daniel but we love you what you talk about the tasks it’s very much like mindfulness. I would like to read this book. Another great vlog. Thank you.

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