If you are an active Body Project team member, let me talk about who YOU are for second.

  • You have NO class timetable to keep you in check.
  • You have NO instructor to tell you what to do (in person).
  • You have to independently decide to put yourself through a workout challenge, without anybody there to support you in person
  • You could watch TV, make a cup of tea and not workout and nobody would know – but you don’t. You DO IT!
  • You are remarkably STRONG. You are a WINNER. Only a winner can do these things.

Less than 5% of the population could do what you do. They don’t possess the unique strength and discipline that YOU do.

This isn’t my opinion, it’s FACT.

100% of people want to workout (or at least get the benefits that come from it.)
95% DO NOT.

REMEMBER this. You have a strong mind – you possess the capacity to overcome procrastination, temptation and instant gratification in order to achieve a greater version of yourself.

You have the evidence – you ARE capable of replicating this strength wherever you choose to.

You have it. Use it!

  1. Azade Borzuii 2 years ago

    Thank you very much
    That was very useful.

  2. Patricia J Bishop 4 years ago

    Hello Daniel and Alex, Just thought you might like to know how you have impacted our lives. My husband is 79, and I am 74. We have always been active, exercised routinely, etc. A year ago my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I am a retired RN and had worked a lot with PD patients. As you probably know PD is a movement disorder and keeping upright and moving a lot is essential to maintaining health as much as possible. We love your programs on Utube and have used them a lot since we discovered Body Project. There are no words to describe how you have impacted our lives for the better. Thank you and please keep on keeping on. It’s so good to laugh during the programs as you banter back and forth. We certainly will keep active with these videos and part of daily life

  3. emma yates 4 years ago

    Thanks for the workouts guys, I look forward to getting myself moving and always excites me when you upload new workouts and plans. The confidence i have gained and fitness level i now have is truly down to the way you put these programs together for every fitness level.

  4. Willeke De Gooijer 4 years ago

    Thanks for your programs!
    though i have , just like you guys an too busy life i can still taking care of my body so I can stay strong to take also care of my family.
    This week was just to much , but one of the latest workouts with music pulled me through. again thanks.
    Groetjes uit Nederland

  5. Vienna Spacone 4 years ago

    Hello team body project, I have always been disciplined when it comes to working out and taking care of myself and my body, but i have to say i have never really been satisfied on the workouts i did in the past…but with body project i absolutely love , enjoy look forward to doing your programs everyday and i have seen results and i have never felt so healthy, strong , and commited to a program. I love daniel and alex you guys are so inspiring , i am with you for life. Thank you so much to all of you i am so proud and happy to have found you. And it is not just pyhsically but also very much how i feel about myself and let me tell you i have never had so much confidence and love for myself.

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