90 minute personal coaching consultation


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If you want to have confidence you are doing the right things to get results - a 90 minute personal consultation will ensure you are on the correct path towards achieving your goals.

How it works?

You will fill out a fact finding sheet to help me understand as much as possible about your personal history, goals and challenges.
This gives me plenty of information, meaning we can spend the time in our 90 minute consultation highlighting exactly what we need to do to create the best results for you.

The 90 minute consult will enable me to dig deep into developing an approach:

  • If you have specific physical goals, we will look at the workouts and exercises that will best get you there
  • If you have fat loss goals, we will discuss dietary approaches
  • If you have motivational or consistency challenges we will develop strategies
  • If you have emotional eating challenges we will discuss and develop an effective tool kit
  • If you have technique concerns I can review your movements and make suggestions - maximising results
  • If you would like me to be your personal coach, simply purchase the product on this page and I will email you with a confirmation you've been accepted, a fact finding sheet and a request for appointment times within 24 hours.


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