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Our personal coaching package is designed to deliver you the results you want with a tailored six week exercise, nutrition and mindset package.

I have over 20 years and many thousands of hours of coaching experience and will work with you to unlock the physiological, psychological and philosophical factors that drive permanent results - making 2019 the year that transforms your life.

How does it work? 

You will fill out a fact finding sheet to help me understand as much about your personal history, goals and challenges. This gives me plenty of information, meaning we can spend the time in our 90 minute consultation highlighting exactly what we need to do to create the best results for you.

The 90 minute consult will enable me to dig deep into developing an approach:

  • If you have specific physical goals, we will look at the workouts and exercises that will best get you there
  • If you have fat loss goals, we will discuss dietary approaches
  • If you have motivational or consistency challenges we will develop strategies
  • If you have emotional eating challenges we will discuss and develop an effective tool kit

Note: If you want a technique assessment, that would have to be purchased separately as it would take at least an hour to review all aspects of good movement relevant to Body Project plans.

Once I understand your specific goals and challenges, I will create a tailored daily task list for you - this is the platform from which success will be driven from. This task list will include ALL aspects of a realistic healthy plan - including (but not exclusive to) positive behaviours that will stop emotional eating habits, workouts, NEAT targets, nutrition, hydration, scheduled 'cheat' meals if required, flux days, focused rest time, philosophical reminders, replacement behaviours.... the task list will be entirely different for everybody I coach and will be based on what YOU need as an individual. No task is too insignificant or too small - they all matter.

The tailored task sheet is the engine room of change as it reinforces success every step of the way whilst developing a mindset of 'every decision matters'. You will enjoy seeing yourself successfully overcoming the challenges that face you in a structured and supported way.

Beyond the daily task sheet, you will also receive a carefully prepared full plan and complete support :

    • A 6 week workout plan tailored to your goals.(including turbos, NEAT and any other factors I see as important to your results.)
    • A tailored nutrition plan based around macronutrients/calories required for goal AND/OR a list of foods that you can consume. Nutrition is different for everybody, part of the consult will be discovering what you can do and making it realistic to follow.
    • Daily interaction. You will get an email every day from me requesting your targets and accomplishments.
    • Emotional eating support and guidance.
    • Follow up consultation after 6 weeks to ensure the habits remain through 2019.

What I expect from YOU? 

I'm offering very limited access to this plan as each individual will require lots of personal attention and I take your results very seriously. Therefore, please only sign up if you can agree to the following.

  • I don't have expectations for you to follow everything I recommend, its your body and your choice. I do, however, expect complete honesty about your experience - I have a 100% transparency rule. I don't judge, I don't question, I don't get disappointed - I just advise and guide. Honesty is everything, if I have truth, we can find a way forwards for you - without truth, we are both lost.
  •  Every day, you will need to log your experiences on the tailored task sheet I create for you - we should expect the process and updates to be taken seriously from start to finish. Even if you complete none of the tasks for the day, you should still fill in the sheet.
  • Understand we are not searching for perfection - we are searching for health 'enlightenment' for want of a better term. We seek to fully understand what makes you tick physically, psychologically and philosophically. I specialise in uncovering the 'soft' (non physical) factors that complicate, as well as the 'hard' physical factors that fine tune outcomes.

    What to do next?

    If you would like me to be your personal coach, simply purchase the product on this page and I will email you with a confirmation you've been accepted, a fact finding sheet and a request for appointment times within 24 hours.


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