Some kind words from our members:


When Domenic decided he wanted to get in shape for his wedding later this year, he knew he needed a workout plan that would DELIVER genuine he turned to Team Body Project!

You can't lose the 35kg he has lost in just 6 or 8 weeks (it wouldn't be safe for starters) which is why we have many, many months of workout programmes, workouts and support to ensure you achieve YOUR goals.

Eat healthy. Exercise safely and regularly. Hydrate.

Amazing job Domenic.

Thanks for inspiring us all!



Samantha is a very special, inspirational and wonderful lady.

She embodies EVERYTHING Body Project aspires to help our members achieve.

She's a committed exerciser that ENJOYS moving her body.
She talks about and sees her body in a positive way.
Her biggest victory is the change in her mindset and outlook on life.
She shows kindness and support to those who are starting the journey...

In her words...

"My husband says all the time finding Body Project on youtube saved my life - I agree. At my heaviest EVERYTHING was a chore so I didn't do much. I don't know what trigger in my head enough is enough but I am glad it did. Yes my body has changed immensely but the BIGGEST change is my outlook on life. I can't thank you enough Daniel Bartlett and Alexandra Bartlett for the tools you have provided all of us to be the best we can be. The after picture is at my baby sister's wedding this summer - I got to wear a pretty blue dress. OH! And look at my guns! LOL"

PRIDE doesn't even begin to explain how overwhelmed I feel knowing that OUR workouts and philosophy helped Samantha change her life.

Real workouts, real people, real results.


Steve from Greece is remarkable man who has achieved remarkable things in 5 months of training with Team Body Project.

He's lost 25kg and completely transformed his body!

He has achieved this through resistance training, cardio, pilates, proper rest, hydration and good nutrition.

There is NO quick fix, no instant remedy for outstanding health. To get great results you have to DO IT RIGHT!

Thats why we don't give you just one 6-10 week programme at TBP and pretend thats all you will ever need.

When you become a member of Team Body Project we give you over 6 months of fundamental programmes that include resistance, cardio, pilates and mobilisation work AND where you get where you want to go we give you NEW workouts and programmes to keep you moving forwards.

Steve – Graduate Plan

Through discipline with her diet, exercising with Team Body Project and being consistent and persistent through the good times, the plateaus and the struggles, Christina has transformed her body.

She radiates fitness, health and body confidence!

There were certainly no 'superfoods' that made this happen, 'magic' fats that encouraged her weight loss, pills that burned calories for her or gadgets from infomercials.

Christina has achieved what she has because worked hard!

She engaged in a combination of resistance training to build and tone muscle, cardio to burn fat and keep her heart and lungs healthy, along with pilates and regular stretching to keep her body healthy and in the game.

She considered the TYPES and AMOUNTS of foods she ate whilst allowing herself some leeway so she didn't feel restricted.

Most importantly of all, she kept faith and didn't quit even though she felt like it many times.

Christina now motivates and encourages other TBP members as she moves into the next phase of her health journey.

Christina – Trainee, Apprentice and Graduate Plants

Charlie - Trainee plan
So far I have lost 3 stone. 1.5 stone in the last 6 weeks doing the programmes and better eating. But more than that I have gained strength and confidence. Before I just felt like a mum and nothing more. Now thanks to body project I enjoy time to workout and feel good. And I'm a better mum for it. My body has changed in ways I never thought it could. I started almost 6 months ago on the YouTube channel and took the plunge to sign up almost 5 weeks ago now. Best thing ever. I've seen dramatic changes all for the better. Many people say "don't talk to me or expect much from me in the mornings before I've had my coffee", I say "don't expect much from me before I've completed a body project workout".

I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks hold for my health and body and mind. And then a lifetime of body project.

Charlie – Trainee plan

No expensive gym membership.
No personal trainer.
No fancy equipment.

Just Body Project workouts and hard work

Emma Brade – Trainee Plan

"This is me. At the start of my journey and a few days ago, 115 pounds lighter.
I thought all day about whether to share or not and decided that I should. Maybe, just maybe it would help someone else. I feel so strongly about how much Team Body Project has helped me change so many areas in my own life.
My life is changed for the better and I can say I do not compare myself to anyone!
Be proud of your accomplishments! You rock! You get up, get moving and are making changes for you! Just keep going!"

Diana Stover – Intensive plan

I love looking at the photo of me and seeing how far I’ve come.

Sarah Smith – Trainee plan

Jefrey Hough
I knew I had to do something but had always found exercise boring and switched off easily, but there was something in the energy and words Daniel used during the Body Project workouts that flicked a switch.

There was something special about the workouts that kept me coming back - and i've just kept coming back. I've lost 110 pounds and am in the best shape i've been in since my early twenties.

My wife sometimes jokes that she doesn't recognise me, but its about so much more than appearance, to me its about being the best Dad possible for my young family.

Jeffrey Hough – Trainee Plan

Giovanni Zardin
During this journey I have learned one important thing: love yourself, take care of yourself. Thanks to this process has increased my self-esteem, confidence and determination. This is now my life and I feel good. So, remember, you can do anything if you want, and above all do it for yourself.

Giovanni Zardin – Graduate Plan

Laura C
Team Body Project has truly changed my life. When I started my weight loss journey I was only watching the TBP videos on YouTube. After being addicted to those videos I wanted more and signed up for a membership. I started the trainee program and completed that but then I started mixing it up. Somedays I want a tougher workout and other days a little easier. I love that I can mix them up and do whatever I feel like. I use the programs as a guideline. I have never truly worked out like this before but I also have never found workouts that I love like TBP. I love doing resistance, I can actually do physical things like push-ups, sit-ups and squats that I couldnt do before. Not only are the workouts themselves fun but Daniel and Alex make them so much better. I love how real they are, how funny they are and how much more fun they make the workouts. Not only are Daniel and Alex so supportive, but all the members of TBP are amazing. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging. I have lost a total of 65lbs. Not only do I look better but I feel so much better. I have much more energy and I am overall happier. I struggle with depression and working out makes my mind feel better. I can't thank body project enough for truly changing my life!!

Laura C – Apprentice Plan

I realized I needed to change at the end of 2015 and I weighed 168 lbs and I had sleep apnea and lots of migraines/headaches. I was out of shape and not healthy by any means. I was not the only one suffering for it, I was not very active and setting a poor pace for my children!

In searching YouTube for tabata, zoomba etc I came across some really bad workouts. What was worse was many of the people were not real looking.

Then I saw "cardio starter" by Body Project, I watched a few minutes deciding if I would give it a go and try to follow the workout. I immediately liked it, Daniel was engaging, the other people looked real and I said to myself that I can do this.

I began making health goals that would become healthy habits. I became accountable what I ate, I drank lots of water, and the best feeling part was exercising to Body Project.

I love it and joined as member. I have completed the Trainee and Apprentice plans and many of the workouts. I love the motivation during the workouts from Daniel and Alex, and the support from the Team Body Project community. I feel the camaraderie from the team members and feel I have gotten know many of them! I love the supporting and positive spirit of Team Body Project, and the variety of challenging yet fun workouts!!

I won 2nd place in a regional work Biggest Loser/ Health Challenge!! I have lost 40 lbs, and I now wear size 2 or 4! My resting heart rate has lowered. I no suffer frequent headaches, and I don't have to wear a machine to breath at night! I can quickly sprint to chase a wayward child and not be out of breath! I feel energized and happier with Team Body Project and pressing play!

Joelle – Apprentice plan

Tracey Holmes
I'd been looking to lose weight, I was 260lbs at 5'3. My need to lose weight was strictly cosmetic, I wanted to get out of plus size clothes! I was sick and tired of not fitting in chairs! How about that horrible moment when I couldn't fit on the rollercoaster with my child and had to get off? I came across Cardio Starter on YouTube and it my life changed! Daniel's involvement on the FB page made all the difference for me. It made me feel like he invested in his people. He made the family, he made the team. Over the course of my body project I lost 75lbs. I went from 260lbs to 185lbs and I have the pictures to prove it! I went from a size 22 to a size 14! More than anything, being healthy became a byproduct of me wanting to be smaller. Being able to mostly jog 4 miles in under an hour was a huge milestone! I made it out of plus size clothes and into a healthier lifestyle. I love my homies across the pond!

Tracey Holmes – Trainee Plan

Heather Santos

I discovered Body Project in January 2015 on YouTube and began doing Cardio Starter. At the time I was quote overweight, on the road to health issues and depression. I had very little energy to keep up with my children and I overall just did not enjoy life. Fast forward to now. I have since lost nearly 60 lbs (27 kilos). While losing the weight was a bonus, I gained so much more being apart of Team Body Project. I have more energy and self confidence, I've gained muscle and strength, and I overall just feel good. Also, I get to be apart of the most supportive (no judgment) community I've ever known. If I had to do it all over again, I'd choose Team Body Project because they are truly the best health and fitness program on the planet!

Heather Santos – Apprentice plan

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