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“I have been Inspired by all of the Body Project members. Now I’ve started to get use out of my treadmill and running a mile a day. I’m not a runner but because of body project I’ve built up the stamina to do so!!! I’ve reached my weight loss goal and now going to keep the active healthy lifestyle going forward in life because I’ve never felt this good. And because of body project and all the supportive members!!!

Nikki Jean Isham

“Monday was the 4 year anniversary of my health journey. For nearly all of my life I’ve been overweight, obese, or morbidly obese. Today at 43 years old I weigh less then when I graduated from high school. I’ve lost over 120 pounds and when I found TBP and I’ve never looked back. TBP has helped me grow in so many ways. It’s helped me build confidence and helped me realize how strong I am, not just physically but mentally as well. And it’s taught me these while also getting me fit! I would not be where I am without my TBP team backing me up and pushing me along in my journey. Today I live my life. I no longer sit on the sidelines watching everyone else enjoy their life. I’m no longer just existing.

Michelle Pederson Kemmerer

“The first photo is from June 1, 2011 (at around 280 pounds). The second was taken yesterday (in said t-shirt – I was 190 when I weighted in yesterday morning). This is the most fit I think I’ve ever been in my entire life. It’s not all due to team body project – I made some nutritional changes to my life that came into effect before I found this workout program, but TBP is definitely instrumental as I continue this journey. Just. Press. Play. You’ve Got This!

Mona Carol Albala

“This is my before and after story. The woman on the left was very unhappy and had basically given up on life; the pic was taken around July 2017. I decided I needed to make a change, but it had to be a lifestyle and not just a fad. Every fad diet or fad program always comes to an end, often with more weight gained. Around August of 2018, I came across a TBP workout on Youtube and loved it. I did another and another. I couldn’t get enough. I felt it was just the right pace for me, was low impact on the joints, but I could really feel my body working. Around November of 2018 I decided to join as a Member (took the plunge and went straight to Lifetime membership!), which is around when the middle pic was taken. A few months into doing daily TBP workouts, I took the pic on the right. The photos speak for themselves. I have loads of energy and happiness now! I’ve lost 40+ pounds, am no longer pre-diabetic nor do I have high blood pressure. I feel better than ever! I crave my daily workouts now. I’m also a wife, mother and Social Worker. I need to be physically and mentally prepared and TBP helps me with that!

Michelle Rae Martin

“I’ve not yet posted before and after photos because I feel like I’m not yet at my best “after”. But I have worked hard the last few years, lost nearly 100 pounds and never ever want to go back to my heaviest weight. I sing the praises of Daniel and Alex any chance I get. I am, and will forever be grateful for Body Project! We can do hard things!

Heather Ryan Harris

“Thanks to TBP I lost 112 lbs ! I never thought it would be possible but the workout videos are actually fun! I took some time off last year but was feeling sluggish so started back up this year with a goal to lose another 25. Thank you so much Daniel Bartlett and Alexandra Bartlett for helping me and everyone else achieve fitness goals!

David Gitter

“After having my second baby I could no longer go to gym to workout. So, I searched YouTube for some 30 mins workouts and pressed play on the TBP Tabata workout. It was TOUGH, but it was just what I was looking for. I don’t know how much I’ve lost since I’ve been with TBP because I don’t own a scale but I did drop from a size 16 to a size 8!! I’ve been pressing play ever since. I started back in the summer of 2014, so I’m heading into my sixth year with BP. I’m so grateful to be apart of such a great, loving and supportive team. TBP for life!!

Shundranique Gordon King

“I had been overweight since kindergarten. I have lost a few pounds in the past, but never managed to be consistent in my efforts. Last year I had enough, I decided that I wanted to be an example for my daughter and see her grow up. I now have 108 lbs lost thanks to TBP and I now enjoy moving.

Vinter Mary

“In the fall of 2018, I was in the worst shape of my life. I don’t know what I weighed because I was afraid to get on a scale and face reality. I started working out with Team Body Project in July of 2019 and finally decided to weigh myself after my first week of working out, weighing in at about 320 lbs. It’s been just over six months and I’ve lost, as of today, 96 lbs. Team Body Project has guided me through developing new eating habits and a love of exercise and movement, in addition to a great community that is always there to help keep me motivated. This has been a life-changing experience and I have no plans of slowing down.

Jacob Langsam

“My daughters found TBP videos on YouTube and we started on the free videos first. We quickly fell in love with them and have become lifers. The most recent picture I have is from November 2019 and the comparison picture is from June 2017. I am currently down 121 lbs. I will continue to workout 4-5 days a week and walk everyday. Thank you for these great workouts.

Tracy Schnell

“A year ago I found you guys on YouTube… Did the free workouts have not missed a day yet, that is over 365 days of working out. You guys have changed my life. I’m 50lbs lighter, but my strength is amazing…and my anxiety is almost non-existent. I wake up at 445 every morning! Hello from Massachusetts 

Alexis Hildegard

“Started at 215 and I am down to 129 in 8 months!I’ve lost 86 pounds! I have been doing body project since day 1 and is the best workout out there! Every day I workout for a hour and a half and I feel great!! My husband has been a huge help in this transformation and has been a great coach and supportive husband! I have changed my diet as well! I still am working hard to get to my goal weight! 25 more pounds to loose!! Thank you body project!

Tessa Martinez

“I started last year at over 213 pounds. I’m now down 65 pounds! I stumbled on these workouts on YouTube from Team Body Project. I was hooked after the first workout! Alex and Daniel make it all inclusive no matter where you are in your health journey. I can’t believe the change that these workouts have helped me accomplish in just 12 months! Thanks Alex and Daniel! You guys rock!

Rhonda Glenn

“As a teenager, I was a competitive volleyball player and was in fantastic shape. I figured I would stay that way my entire life. Then when I was 19, I suffered a loss I wouldn’t wish on anyone. From that point forward, I became an emotional eater.
I put on over 100lbs in 9 years and would tell myself that I was ok with my body.
My friend turned me onto TBP YouTube channel, and I haven’t turned back since. In 7 months, I’ve lost 65lbs, gained my confidence back and overall feel better. What Daniel and Alex are doing is life changing for so many people. Everyone that asks me what I’m doing, I tell them about TBP and how amazing they are!

Amy Buoni

“I tried numerous fitness plans, gym memberships that never got used and when I did go it made me anxious.
In desperation I browsed YouTube and stumbled across a video by the name of cardio starter.
I felt like I finally found my thing that just worked for me and joined the website.

I’ve lost 119lbs and gained my health back, happiness and love for life. I never thought I would be able to achieve what I have and I don’t think I could have done it without TBP.”

Kylie Young, Australia


“At 190 lbs, I was the heaviest I had ever been. My health wasn’t the best, I had no self confidence and I was overall in bad shape. Then something amazing happened in January 2015. I discovered Team Body Project and have been with them ever since. I’ve lost and kept off 60 lbs. Team Body Project has given me the tools to live a healthy active lifestyle, and it really is like having my own personal trainer at my disposal 24/7. If I had to do it over again, I’d choose Team Body Project every single time! Real workouts, real people, real results!

Fun fact…I bought the blue dress when I was 18 (I’m 39 now) and haven’t fit into it in about 10 or so years” 

Heather Santos

” I was looking for 30 minute exercise videos on youtube, TBP kept popping up, when doing another person’s workout I didn’t feel as good emotionally, with the Bartlett’s I couldn’t get enough!

I kept coming back, so became member! It’s the best decision I ever made! I am down 50 lbs from and now I can actually see abs! “

Deo Navarez

Sami Bradley

“I am a working mom of 5 energetic kids, I was struggling with keeping up and knew I had to do something different. TBP has provided workouts I actually enjoy, a community of support, and information about how my body works.

I am down over 40 lbs and am in better shape than I have ever been.”

Sami Bradley

Heather Hollinsworth Blair

“I’ve lost over 35 lbs, going from never working out to working out 5 or 6 days a week.

I love it, its the best thing that’s ever happened to my health.”

Heather Hollinsworth Blair

Laura Herring

“Well…what can I say except THANK YOU!! From the absolute bottom of my heart! You believe in  in all of us!! 

 I’ve lost 40 lbs  and have never felt better!!”

Laura Herring


“I have two young children, a job, a house to keep and of course a husband to boss around!

 I workout five to six days a week and I follow the Team Body Project advice on flexible dieting which has allowed me to enjoy food without guilt.”

Anita Hatters


“I wanted to get in shape for my wedding later this year and needed a workout plan that would deliver genuine results…so turned to Team Body Project!

I lost 35kg and feel amazing.”

Dominic Hartmann


“My husband says all the time finding Body Project on youtube saved my life – I agree.

 Yes my body has changed immensely but the BIGGEST change is my outlook on life. I can’t thank you enough Daniel Bartlett and Alexandra Bartlett for the tools you have provided all of us to be the best we can be.”

Samantha Gallagher

“There is NO quick fix, no instant remedy for outstanding health. To get great results you have to DO IT RIGHT!

Resistance training, cardio, pilates, proper rest, hydration and good nutrition.

I’ve lost 25kg and completely transformed my body!”

Steve Exo

“Exercising with Team Body Project and being consistent and persistent through the good times, i’ve transformed my body. ” 



“I lost 150 lbs with Team Body Project. It’s the real deal!”

Karl Mulqueen

“This is me a the start of my journey and a few days ago, 115 pounds lighter.

I thought all day about whether to share or not and decided that I should. Maybe, just maybe it would help someone else. I feel so strongly about how much Team Body Project has helped me change so many areas in my own life.
My life is changed for the better and I can say I do not compare myself to anyone!

Be proud of your accomplishments! You rock! You get up, get moving and are making changes for you! Just keep going!”

Diana Stover

Jefrey Hough
“I knew I had to do something but had always found exercise boring and switched off easily, but there was something in the energy and words Daniel used during the Body Project workouts that flicked a switch.

There was something special about the workouts that kept me coming back – and i’ve just kept coming back. I’ve lost 110 pounds and am in the best shape i’ve been in since my early twenties.

My wife sometimes jokes that she doesn’t recognise me, but its about so much more than appearance, to me its about being the best Dad possible for my young family.”

Jeffrey Hough

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