This may sound incredibly simple – but DON’T do it.

We can overcomplicate this, but ultimately, weight loss/fat loss/muscle toning is hard enough without introducing unplanned excess calories.

Bingeing is avoidable for almost* everybody IF you take steps.

1. PLAN for ‘unhealthy’ snacks.

I have no issue with you eating ‘junk’ every day PROVIDED you decide how much and when. Your body, your choice – so CHOOSE!

2. Let UNPLANNED ‘mistakes’ go.

You eat a bag of chips or a cookie. Not a big deal, it happens, we all do it – smile and move on.

Now stop. NOW! Not tomorrow, not at dinner time, not AFTER the next cookie. NOW!


Stop. Pause. Wait. Be aware of taste, smell, hunger and even the movement of your mouth. Eat mindfully and slow down the process.

4. FORGIVE past binges and move on.

So you USED to binge. Your past is not a reflection of your future. History does not have to reflect forwards…to move on you have to let go of the past.

You are a blank slate. You are capable of NOT bingeing.

5. Have a NO EXCUSES mindset.

If you justify your bingeing, you’ve already binged. (this INCLUDES you conceding to your own personality…there is nothing different about you that causes you to binge. Choice is the singular cause of bingeing).

Decide right now that there is nothing that can happen that can cause your bingeing except YOUR decision to binge.

You get to choose and you get to see it through. YOU!

Take these simple steps and be the winner I know you are…if YOU decide on it.

*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This article does not apply to those with BED (Binge eating disorder). If you are concerned you may have BED please consult with a qualified professional.

  1. Thomas Patterson 1 week ago

    Sometimes……well all the time I beat myself up when I fall off the wagon, I have a nutrition/protein shake for breakfast, I eat a lot of fish or chicken but for supper…… I also have a hiatal hernia which gives my stomach a little bulge

  2. Cathy 1 week ago

    “There is nothing different about you that causes you to binge. Choice is the singular cause of bingeing.” THIS!! The statements like these that I’ve read/heard throughout TBP are truly life-changing. There is such a tendency to overcomplicate things on the path to weight loss and fitness and TBP cuts through to the real heart of it. Thank you for taking the time to post things like this that help keep us focused on what matters.

  3. debdebdeb 2 days ago

    I’m sorry, but no.

    BED is a real eating disorder, you are not qualified to make this decision. I’m not saying that it’s the case with everyone but it very much is with some people.

    We don’t say to bulimics “just don’t do it” we don’t say to anorexia nervosa sufferers “just eat it’s easy”.
    Unless you are qualified please don’t make these assumptions. It can be part of a larger depression or mental health issue.

    BED sufferers don’t purge. Speaking from experience they don’t sit in front of the TV and binge while watching their favourite TV programme. They buy an extreme amount of junk food then eat it until it’s gone usually pretty fast (maybe 5 minutes). Then the extreme guilt and self loathing sets in. They might lie on their bed and stop themselves throwing up, that’s how deep the self loathing goes. Then they’ll hide all the evidence from their loved ones out of deep shame.

    PLEASE don’t talk about what you don’t know.

    • Author
      Daniel Bartlett 1 day ago

      You’re discussing very specific cases of BED, which you are correct on – the majority of people don’t have a disorder, they just massively overeat at intermittent periods. 20 years of experience and successfully coaching people who wish to stop this habit is more than sufficient for me to confidently say this is useful information to the majority of people – as much as we should recognise serious mental health conditions, we also shouldn’t over diagnose when the problem can be solved with simple steps in many cases. The information I have provided in this article has helped many thousands more than it has hindered. It’s important we don’t NOT share useful information to thousands because it may be unhelpful to few – everything one shares that is useful inherently holds the possibility of being poorly interpreted in the wrong hands. Therefore, I agree the article should have had a disclaimer and so will put one in, it was an oversight on my part for not doing this and not recognising that some people can’t use this advice (although no advice is right for all people). I wholeheartedly stand by the efficacy of this information for the majority-based on evidence accumulated over many years with my kind, understanding and believing approach to supporting people making a change. Even since this article I have received thanks for it supporting people in making change. As much as you don’t think I am qualified to write this – many more are grateful I did. Thank you for your feedback and for highlighting where the article could be improved, it has been useful critique.

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