When we started Body Project, we had no idea what it would become and how much it would mean to thousands of people around the world.

TEAM Body Project members have lost weight and transformed their bodies, but more than this, Team Body Project has changed their lives – making an impact for deeper and more profound than we could ever have imagined.

When I asked Team members to send in footage of what Team Body Project has done for them, I was overwhelmed by hundreds of hours of footage from members around the world – members separated by thousands of miles, but unquestionably connected by an indomitable spirit and heart.

I’ve always believed that health is the most important thing we have, but I was wrong. The most important thing we have is connection. Connection with people we love, people we admire and people we share common goals with

How proud I am of these people cannot be stated in words. That myself and Alexandra are lucky enough to be captains of this beautiful team makes me prouder than you could ever imagine.

Watch the video below:


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