Many of our members worry that when they MODIFY exercises they are ‘cheating’ or not working as hard – this simply isn’t the case.

If you ever CHOOSE to moderate/modify burpees, push ups, squat jumps or ANY exercise, remember the following five points…

1. Modifying is NOT cheating

Modifying is the sensible thing to do if the exercise is high impact, too complex or too restrictive to be completed with good form. Modification tells me you are NOT cheating, you are intent on doing the exercise properly.

2. Modifying often provides BETTER control of the muscles

This is a big one. You choose a movement that allows superior control of the muscles you are working. This is central to exercise success.

3. Modifying is NOT easier

I will often do modifications within workouts. My body has high mileage from years of sport and I intend to be exercising well into my 90’s. If you focus on the muscles you are working it is not ‘easier’. It is DIFFERENT.

4. You can NEVER modify too much 

If your muscles are under tension and your heart is beating faster in a safe way – this is always excellent.

5. You CAN easily not modify enough

We’ve all been there, we don’t want to do the ‘easy’ version – see above. We don’t want to think we’re ‘cheating’ – however if you don’t modify where required you will be cheating yourself out of progress, safety and long term health.

Be intelligent with your training, push hard when your body is in control of the movement and modify whenever it isn’t.

Most importantly EVERY workout you complete is a victory and every exercise you do correctly is excellent for your body.

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  1. YASEENA KHALFAN 5 years ago

    i have had to modify for some time now becuase of bad knees and an injured shoulder. But it didn’t stop me from working out

  2. Gine Oquendo 5 years ago

    Yes, I agree with you, doing some modifying exercise is not easy. I tried this already and together with my pro bar. Like other I’m not sure If it’s right, I just follow the video and having fun doing the workouts. Please refer to this link:

  3. Susan Mayer 6 years ago

    Ahhhh!! Jennifer… me too!! I am modifying due to a shin issue and I wonder everyday if I am doing the right thing! This is an important read for me right now too!! I don’t want to make it worse, but I also want to work the rest of my body, so I figure modifying is the best option.

  4. Jennifer Jarvis 6 years ago

    Perfect timing, as usual! I’m modifying right now due to a muscle strain probably because I didn’t modify sooner, lol! You are so right, it’s different, not easier.

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