Follow your Heart

Never, EVER give up on what is in your heart.

Five years ago, when Alex was pregnant with Sonny – I had a dream to spread our vision of exercise around the world…it was called Body Project!
Three years ago, after two years of 80 hour weeks and lots of lost income and savings, I decided that it was never going to provide for my family, so I created a Body Project corporate arm, consulting companies on health for employees.

This was a success almost overnight, but whilst the business was economically thriving, my heart broke every night after work as I saw my Body Project vision, my dream, slowly melt away…

We kept the Body Project ‘Team’ flame burning on low, but in truth, I had conceded defeat on the original dream, and figured if I wanted to support my family I would have to work in the corporate world, where I could use my expertise to provide for my family and grow a steady company.

I had followed my head.

Then, last year Alex unexpectedly became pregnant with twins, and the journey of those little girls reminded me that life is precious, fragile and short.

It reminded me that NOTHING is more important than what is in your heart. ESPECIALLY not MONEY!

Go after your dreams, because regardless of the outcome, you can always say you followed your heart.

It’s a scary thing to do, because when you follow your heart you CAN sometimes break it.

TEAM Body Project broke my heart when I almost let it go, BUT whilst LOGIC lives in the mind, TRUTH always resides in the heart.

Following my heart was the best decision I have EVER made.

Today, I sit here working on TBP workouts and plans FULL TIME.

This is not really related to TBP, but rather to life.

Never give up on what YOU dream about the most.

If it’s in your HEART then go for it!

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  1. Chantal Bastien 6 years ago

    True, simply true 🙂

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