Most people believe motivation is the key in creating success.

Conversely, I believe belief in motivation is the reason most people fail.

In my explanation of this i’m going a little left of field so do try and bear with me….

Imagine motivation as the boyfriend or girlfriend that makes you feel incredible when they are there, but will let you down just when you need them the most…most of us will put up for this for a period of time before we realise we need a more reliable partner and give them the elbow…

In other words, motivation makes for a great affair while it lasts – but there is no way your parents would approve of a marriage!
So we need a more reliable bedfellow than motivation when it comes to making a long term change.

For a long term change we want something/somebody we know won’t let us down!

Luckily I know just the chap!

Motivation has a far more reliable and attractive older brother – and its called action.

You can rely on action to get things done in all conditions, in all seasons and for all reasons – yes, if you want a partner for life – action is the right choice. It doesn’t sweep you off your feet like motivation, and it needs work, but the pay off is HUGE!

Ironically, when you take action, motivation comes running back like the boyfriend or girlfriend that comes begging when they see you’ve met somebody new…

So if you want a quick fling and a bit of fun with your exercise and nutrition plans, choose motivation.

But If you want to get married and settled down into long term exercise and nutrition habits, choose action.
But unlike in a real life marriage – when you get ’emotionally married’ to action and leave your ‘fling with motivation’ behind you can still have an open, ongoing and flourishing affair with motivation ON YOUR TERMS…because motivation can’t help but chase after those who take action!

And action really doesn’t mind. Its a mutually beneficial love triangle!!!

I’ve turned my own head around with that bizarre analogy – let me know if it makes sense to you?


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