Starting a health plan change your life, but only if you act on it NOW.
The longer you wait to act, the less likely the change is to happen.

* The BEST time to act is now: We can GUARANTEE this will happen.
* The second best time to start is a planned date in the very near the future: This will PROBABLY happen.
* The third best and also the worst time to start is after XYZ has happened: This is UNLIKELY to happen.
If your success with health depends on one thing it is the capacity to not procrastinate on it.

If health matters to you, act on it at the FIRST available opportunity.

Other important life issues, both big and small, don’t have to get in your way. That may sound harsh, but I can promise you it comes from a place of kindness.

I have witnessed remarkable people focusing on staying healthy through cancer treatment, nursing relatives during terminal illnesses, job promotions and redundancies, marital breakups, depression, anxiety and every other gargantuan life challenge that can be thrown in our path.

Every single one of these incredible people has said the same thing.

The time they spent on their health was returned ten times over. It was worth every moment given and compromise made.

There is no wonderful or even tragic life event that can entirely remove the importance of taking time on our health.

Just do it

Our health can and will support us physically when we are emotionally empty.

* There is no more perfect moment to start than now.
* What better moment to workout than the one you planned?
* Does a more suitable moment to improve your diet exist than the very next meal you eat.

What are you waiting for? Just. Do. It.

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