Procrastination. A creature so indifferent to my exercise regime, it considers it less important than watching a video on youtube about a monkey that rescued a cat from a tree (OK, i’ll give you that one)…

Tomorrow, soon, in a while, later, in a little bit, once, when…the procrastinators tool kit is packed with words that, to a fault, present very real and present danger to our daily workouts actually taking place.

We all know that the the longer we leave it the less likely it is to happen. 

The more we wait, the more we think, the more we think, the more we reconsider…

So how do we kick this dreadful habit?

It is safe to say that structure has been a backseat passenger for most of the major events in my life. (Sometimes a screaming, terrified passenger that is wondering why on earth it is getting ignored as I carelessly veer down perilous paths.)

…and flexibility and spontaneity are traits I admire, hope to possess and gravitate towards – unplanned events inevitably seem to work out to be the most fun and a last minute change of plan often springs up pleasant and unexpected surprises…

It is very safe to say that I am not a regimented person. My modus operandi is not routine.

Yet when it comes to health, I have concluded that rigid, robotic, structured and inflexible are best.

When it comes to exercise. I am inflexible, non negotiable and firmly fixed.

I have my diary for the week…

Monday. Workout 6.30am. PT 3.
Tuesday. Workout. 7.00am. Cardio Motion….etc, etc.

I Wake up Monday, put on the news and learn that aliens have landed in Timbuktu….I do my workout! On time. Without delay.

Wake up Tuesday. Feel like i’ve been run over by a truck after PT 3. Thats annoying. I do my workout! On time. Without delay.

And so on. Its in the diary. It CANNOT be moved. It is carved in stone.

If I don’t approach it this way I am exposed to the whim and fancy of the procrastinator…we all know where that leads….I cannot believe a MONKEY saved a cat….from a TREE!


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