Sticks and stones

NOBODY has the right to make ANY negative comments about YOUR body.

Nobody has the right to say you look too thin, too fat, too tall, too short, too muscular or not muscular enough.

Whilst some of these comments (often from family and friends) may be ‘dressed’ as concern, it is comments such as these that CAUSE eating disorders, mental health issues and extreme behaviours.

Without these types of comments anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia and and a whole plethora of body image disorders, conditions, mental health and self esteem issues would not receive the oxygen they NEED to exist!

If anybody does make comments about your body that are ANYTHING but kind, remember this.

It says more about THEIR ATTITUDE than it does about YOUR body.

Your body is perfectly wonderful just the way it is! Without the comments and judgements of others you would NEVER have thought otherwise.

You get to choose how you want your body to look. You get to decide, INDEPENDENTLY of judgement.

Nobody else.

Eat healthy. Exercise. Hydrate. Love your body.

Use kind words about your own body AND about other people’s!

Let your friends and family know that you believe in the power of diversity, the beauty of difference, the glory of individuality and that you accept THEM exactly as they are.

Let them know that you will never judge.

My dad called me a ‘skinny little bugger’ repeatedly for 10 years as a child. It was his ‘nickname’ for me. He thought it was funny. I was too young to know it was wrong.

My Dad isn’t a cruel man by any stretch of the imagination, but he was a massively ignorant one of these matters. Now as a dad of three, I still have to go through mental exercises to take my shirt off and go swimming with my kids as I hate people seeing me with my shirt off, so deep do these comments sit in my psyche! As a young man and a boxer I was more scared about taking my shirt off than I was about receiving my opponents punches. As a younger man still, I didn’t imagine anybody would ever find a ‘skinny little bugger’ attractive and had zero self confidence.

All because somebody that cared about me made comments about my appearance. I understand the damage these types of comments make deeply and personally.

Don’t make them, don’t listen to them.


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