A list of things Exercise IS good for (just the tip of the iceberg)…

FAT loss
Muscle building
Improved emotional health
Brain function
Reduced chance of disease
Je ne sais quoi(that certain something)
Body shape
Clothes fitting better

A list of things Exercise won’t necessarily help with.

Weight loss.

“Surely, that can’t be true?” I hear you cry!

“I only started exercise to lose weight.”

I’m afraid it is very true and the sooner we accept it, the sooner we can make remarkable progress and reduce the stress we feel in our workouts to ‘burn lots of calories.’

Sure, exercise burns ‘some’ calories, but it’s FAR easier to eat 150 less calories than it is to burn them.

Even if you do manage to burn an extra 150 calories, you’re going to feel 150 calories hungrier anyway. (does that make sense, I think it makes sense?)

People lose weight when they workout because they make changes to their overall lifestyle and diet that is made more natural by the way exercise makes them feel…burning 300 calories with a workout IS a bonus to weight loss. (of course) but only if you manage your nutrition alongside it.

If you focus on how many calories you burn in a workout as THE key point, you are ignoring everything that truly matters in a workout.

Your exercise time is VALUABLE and life changing.

Don’t waste it worrying about how many calories you are burning.

Focus on making your exercise time about quality movement, engagement and awareness.

Let the food you eat manage the scale and let your exercise take care of EVERYTHING else.

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  1. Iris Bruin 3 years ago

    Hallo together,
    I’m from Germany and I would like to know if you are supporting also with how much calories for what workout I can have? I made always some sports( Zumba,Basket,..) but I get more and more weight and it drives me crazy! Im age 46, 1.77 m tall and 97 kg…frustriated! For more than 2 weeks,every second day, I’m making workout with your YouTube Videos and I need some Support!
    Best regards

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