Turn around

What i’m about to explain requires you to take part. It is much more effective if you do.

Draw an imaginary line on the floor.

Stand by this line and imagine that every single moment in your life happened on one side of this line. This side represents your past.

Your memories, your experiences, your success and your failures.

The other side of the line belongs to your future. As yet unwritten, and endlessly stretching out in undetermined directions and with infinite possibilities.

Now stand on the line.

The line is now. The present moment. The only reality we can ever know. On this line we shape our lives. It is just as impossible to take strides in our future, as it is impassable we can ever exist again in our past.

As you stand on this line, you stand between two distinct worlds.

The world that has happened and can never be repeated and the world of the future that is yet to come.

You have a choice to make.

You can walk over the line facing the past, walking BACKWARDS into your own future.

Instead of looking at a world of opportunity, possibility and change, every moment you create is based on previous experience. Every step crafted with the help of an endless tapestry of familiarity and preordained certainty.

It has happened before, thus it shall happen again.

You are holding up a mirror for the future to create its reality, using crystal clear reflection of the past as a guide.

When you face the past as you move to the future, your future is already written.

“I have no self control” You tell yourself as you try to avoid eating ‘junk’ food. Yet whilst trying to change your behaviour, you are simultaneously watching your previous experiences on repeat and showcasing them to your future.

Your future success is being hijacked by what you have learned to be true but which is not.

These experiences were in a different environment, with different circumstances and approached by a different person.

If you keep showing re-runs of your own life to your future, it is indeed a certainty that the future will reflect the past, it could be no other way.

Yet the past is NOT a predictor of the future. If you just turn around. (Bright eyes).

Turn around.

Every morning, I wake up and I stand on my imaginary present. The distinct line that separates the two worlds that define me. What I have done and what I am yet to do.

Sometimes I reflect on the past, collecting the memories and experiences that matter, and discarding those that don’t. Sometimes I don’t even look.

I am brand new.

I turn around and face the future stretching out in front of me. Yet to be written and free of constraints, accompanied by the positive experiences and memories I CHOOSE to hold my hand on the journey.

I then position my canvas, amass my paints, and start to mix new colours, formulate new shapes and sculpt new outcomes, with the infinite possibilities of a small child on the first day of school.

Walk on. Walk forwards with your eyes on the horizon. There is nothing you can’t achieve and nothing that can’t be done.

If you turn around.



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