Comparing of how many workouts, how fit we are, how tough we find things…comparison, like judgement, has NO place at Team Body Project! None!

Some of us may be fitter than others, some of us are younger, some of us are older, some of us can do more press ups, some can do more squats, some are great with cardio, some are great with resistance…

…you know what? This stuff is irrelevant to me!

What matters to me is that YOU are the best YOU!

I care about YOUR progress.

We travel together. We walk the path of fitness together! We are equals on the same road!

Yesterday I saw a great example of how two people at different stages of their journey can travel a path together.

My sons. Archie, who is 12, and Sonny, who is 4, took their bikes out to a large and safe park with no cars in sight!

The elder son rode ahead, but never out of sight, and then circled back to join his brother.

The brothers rode many miles together this way, one of them experienced and confident, the other eager and new.

The differences in their levels of skill were completely irrelevant. They rode TOGETHER, with each taking what THEY could from the experience and THEIR journey was much richer for it.

It warmed my heart to see them off on this journey side by side. Brothers. Friends. Companions.

Here at TBP we also journey together and our experience is MUCH richer for it!

Our path is the same regardless of how fast we journey down it!
  1. Renee 6 years ago

    I love this! Thank you for writing this and sharing it. For all us can get easily fall in to the trap of self comparison, this is a good reminder for all of us.

  2. Michelle 7 years ago

    I have been using your workouts 5 days a week for one month and i love them. I needed a change of pace from the same gym routine. I get to the end of workout after working my tail off and time just flys. I love how you all push us! I notice a huge difference in the shape of my body these days….tone and firm, along with muscle definition. I am 41 now and your metabolism slows a bit so you gotta hustle

    Much Love,


  3. Andleeb Ghani 7 years ago

    Bitter truth…yes it is…but loved the straight punch in the face approach of Daniel in getting his message delivered.

  4. Lesley-Anne Leitch 7 years ago

    I love this Daniel, thank you so much for writing it. I weighed myself last weekend after doing my first week of Apprentice and doing TBP workouts on YouTube for 5 weeks before, although on 2 times a week. I had dropped a dress size but put on 7lbs. I know a lot of the group had a discussion around this topic on Saturday on Facebook and it really helped me to realise that the scales don’t matter, and i need to look in the mirror to see the difference I am making to my body, which I can see. I am so glad that I found TBP on YouTube on 16 May and I am now hooked to exercise all because of you and Alexandra. I massive thank you to you both.

  5. Norma Pina 7 years ago

    good article thanks!!! now I get it, is all about calories

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