I will not promote weight loss, aesthetics and physical appearance as the premium benefit of exercise.

Many people are highly self critical of their appearance (I know this from personal experience) and this is easy for us in the health industry to take advantage of by using airbrushed images and snake oil promises.

At periods in my life I have had a paunchy belly, a six pack and everything in between. At no point did I look in the mirror and feel satisfied with what I saw …until I looked beyond the reflection.

I saw that alongside a fitter and healthier body, exercise made me kinder, more thoughtful, more resilient, more compassionate, more considerate, more energetic, more empathetic and ultimately less self critical.

Training for appearance is a dangerous path that has no satisfactory end goal.

Appearance is entirely subjective.

Your appearance is incomparable.

There is no physical appearance or body shape that is any better or any worse than any other….however…

There IS health. There is physical confidence. There is personal responsibility. There is radiant energy. There is a positive mindset. There is the attainment of physical excellence (though it has nothing to do with six packs and thigh gaps.)

These things can be worn with pride, for those who exercise and eat healthily deserve them.

A passion for movement and a consistent approach to exercise will pay you back tenfold. It may sometimes be a considerable challenge to overcome lack of motivation, self doubt or a questioning of the process, but ultimately, those that move will receive great reward.

When you move, you win.


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