Senior natural medicine practitioner, Camilla Chaplin, has 15 years of experience, a Bachelor of Health Science (TCM) degree and a passion for Nutritional Medicine.

In this educational and fun video, Daniel and Alex put some interesting questions to Camilla in a relaxed and open discussion covering a range of topics relating to maximising our health.

We hope you enjoy.


Camilla Chaplain

  1. Nancy Jacobson 10 months ago

    I really miss the closed captioning on car-an-dio. Any chance of getting it.?

  2. Anna Vanmeter 1 year ago

    I need. Help. Cuz I am not lost weight none. I try everything what I need to do. ?

  3. Toni Deakin 2 years ago

    Another great chat,get more veg in the diet ,I’m never to sure about smoothies and would of never thought of freezing zucchini and putting it in ,definitely going to try it,joints my ache a lot so lots more veggies and less refined food (cut out the sugar),sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else.
    Thank you for such informative chats

  4. Kerrie Pittaway 2 years ago

    Really useful and weird to see Daniel and Alex in “real clothes”!

    Isn’t collagen derived from cows to not vegetarian?

  5. Theo Bakker 2 years ago

    Bev had a very good question: I would also like to get an answer to that one (ingredients for a breakfast smoothie that will keep you full for a long time), although I’m also skipping breakfast practically every day (FIRST the workouts for about 1.5 to 2 hours and after that have my brunch). Problem is that the after-affect is more eating and snacking in the afternoon and the evening. I would very much like to prevent that from happening.
    Nice discussion by the way, while most of the info was kind of known to us already, but great to have the info confirmed anyway.
    I LOVED the part of mixing the not-so-healthy-foods with better ones, to “ease” the committed sins (e.g.: pizza, all right, but have some salad with it. More calories in total, but as a whole a healthier alternative (…)).

  6. Maura Neill 2 years ago

    Very interesting listen and looking forward to the new one. many things I had heard before so great to hear them backed up by an expert! Especially the alkaline diet being beneficial to all of us if we can move in that direction. Going to get some zucchini on my next shopping trip to add to freezer to try!

  7. Karen Caines 2 years ago

    Super informative…looking forward to the next chat!
    My question is….other than exercise and eliminating carbs, how does a 60 yr old get rid of stomach fat!? LOTS of other ladies in the TBP Facebook group have this problem as well.
    Appreciate any/all feedback 🙂

  8. Bianca Mandragona 2 years ago

    I just want to thank TBP for this informative session. It has inspired and motivated me to eat more healthy. I am making everyday a rainbow day.
    Thank you so much!!

  9. Carol Jensen 2 years ago

    Any suggestions in food or healthy supplements that help with menapause symptoms? Night sweats and hot flashes can be a nuisance. Thank you.

  10. Hana Pung 2 years ago

    I loved this! I really find that having a good article to read or podcast to listen to about health during the week helps keep my mindset on my goals. I would love to have more of these to listen to please!!!

  11. Bev Harrison 2 years ago

    Great chat, I’m definitely looking forward to more. What would be a great set of ingredients to make a breakfast smoothie, that will keep me full for a few hours?

  12. Paromita Ghosh 2 years ago

    I had a few questions 1) Does it help to take Magnesium supplement before bed time to help sleep better? 2) Also what is the right time to have the Omega 3 / Krill oil? 3) Some nutritionists say we need to have fruits on an empty stomach, what is your take on that? 4) I try to add in a lot of salads and veggies to all meals, even make a green smoothie every day. However i am having trouble loosing weight and keeping it away. I do not eat grains, refined sugars or dairy as of now. Any suggestion will help.

  13. Susan Johnsen 2 years ago

    What is the right amount of magnesium to take in a supplement please and thank enjoyed the chat .Susan Johnsen . Florida

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