A Plan
The A Plan is an advanced and intensive 2-week schedule that will tone your muscles, burn fat, improve your movement and co-ordination and generate a very high level of fitness. The catch? It hurts. A lot! Enjoy!
Alexandra Bartlett

Program Instructor: Alexandra Bartlett

  • Length: 2 Weeks
  • Difficulty: 4-5
  • Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Mat
  • Workout Types: Circuit, HIIT, Pilates
  • Body Focus: total, upper, core
  • Week 1
  • Week 2

Week 1

Day 1 Complete Members only 43min
Day 2 HIIT Mix Members only 32min
Day 3 High Rep HIIT Members only 30min
Day 4 Complete Burn HIIT Members only 38min
Day 5 Complete HIIT Members only 36min
Day 6 Complete Pilates Members only 44min
0 out of 12 workouts completed.

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