Workout Programs

Whatever your fitness level, we have the ideal workout program to get you results.

Our workout plans will help you become super fit, toned and healthy in a safe and sustainable way:

  • TRAINEE PLAN – Lose fat and tone up with an achievable LOW IMPACT workout plan that builds your fitness
  • APPRENTICE PLAN  – Continue improving fitness and health with this comprehensive six week program
  • GRADUATE PLAN – This plan has a higher intensity – but your tone and fitness will be the best you’ve ever had!
Fight to fitness

Do you love boxing workouts?

Achieve your health goals with this action packed boxing based workout plan!

Sculpt and Tone

The sculpt and tone plan is focused on resistance - ideal for toning and fine tuning your body.

The Intensive Plan

Warning: This plan pushes you to the limit - but you will be the fittest and healthiest you've ever been!

The Development Plan

This workout plan is ideal for absolute beginners! 100% low impact and very effective!

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