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  • Workout programs that GUARANTEE healthy, sustainable fat loss
  • 300+ workouts – resistance, cardio and pilates to maximise RESULTS
  • Regular NEW workouts and programs keep you on your toes
  • SUPPORT and coaching from Daniel and Alexandra to keep you on track

LOSE fat and TONE muscle with a healthy, sustainable program

Anita Hatters
The Workout Plans

The Journey 

Our workout plans will help you become super fit, toned and healthy in a safe and sustainable way:

  • TRAINEE PLAN – Lose fat and tone up with an achievable LOW IMPACT workout plan that builds your fitness
  • APPRENTICE PLAN  – Continue improving fitness and health with this comprehensive six week program
  • GRADUATE PLAN – This plan has a higher intensity – but your tone and fitness will be the best you’ve ever had!

Fight to Fitness

Fight to fitness

Do you love boxing workouts?

Achieve your health goals with this action packed boxing based workout plan!

Sculpt and Tone

Sculpt and Tone

The sculpt and tone plan is focused on resistance - ideal for toning and fine tuning your body.

The Intensive

The Intensive Plan

Warning: This plan pushes you to the limit - but you will be the fittest and healthiest you've ever been!

The Development Plan

The Development Plan

This workout plan is ideal for absolute beginners! 100% low impact and effective!

Community Support

We are a REAL TEAM!

Thousands of Body Projectors around the world share the same goals as you and are the most supportive group of people you are ever likely to meet!

You can stay accountable with your team mates and achieve results together.

Additional tools for success
transform for life book
  • RAPID RESULTS: Our Quickstart guide PDF provides nutrition and exercise guidelines to ensure you start achieving from the word go.
  • STAY ON TRACK: Our Emotional eating handbook will ensure you don’t sabotage your hard earned results
  • MONITOR PROGRESS: Optional fitness testing and other tools help you benchmark progress and take part in the best workouts for you
  • LEARN: Our e-books answer ANY questions you have about losing fat, building muscle and making progress


  • EXCLUSIVE workouts that are not available on youtube
  • ACCESS to structured and progressive workout plans
  • The Quickstart guide E-book – covering nutrition, mindset and exercise
  • Fitness test to set a starting point and benchmark progress against
  • Access to the Community forums
  • Support from Daniel and Alexandra in the forums and community

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