Warrior Plan
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE TAKING PART IN WARRIOR: Warrior is not designed to be completed once - it should be repeated 4 times or more for maximum benefit with a note being taken on the following factors:
  • 1. Weights used
  • 2. Reps completed
  • 3. Rest time taken. You may use the pause button frequently during the workout.
  • a) You do not have to do the same reps as Daniel - far from it. You can do more or less based on whether YOU are achieving overload.
  • b) If you are not ready to start an exercise when Daniel is press pause.
  • c) If you are ready to start the next set BEFORE Daniel, take note and next time do more REPS or increase the weight.
  • d) Take Daniels guidance on the general weight you should be using, but ultimately you must 'feel' for the right weight and push into overload where possible.
  • e) It is likely you will find you need a broader selection of weights to properly take part in Warrior. It will be a worthwhile investment!
This plan will seriously change the strength and tone of your body - supporting you in better long term performance.

Program Instructor: Daniel Bartlett

  • Length: 3 Weeks
  • Difficulty: 3-4
  • Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Mat
  • Workout Types: Boxing, Low impact, Resistance, Cardio, Standing, Mobilisation, Stretch
  • Body Focus: upper, lower, total
  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3

Week 1

Day 1 Warrior 1 Members only 44min
Day 2 Warrior 2 Members only 44min
Day 3 Warrior Cardio Members only 23min
Day 4 Warrior Afterburn Members only 56min
Day 5 Warrior 4 Members only 40min
Day 6 Warrior Stretch Members only 19min
0 out of 17 workouts completed.

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