The Running Plan is designed to accompany a running schedule to bring muscular balance, develop core strength, increase performance and accelerate recovery. This plan will accompany all running schedules, distances and running plans. You can follow the plan in sequence after runs, on alternate days between runs or you can simply choose workouts at times that suit you alongside your running schedule.
Alexandra Bartlett

Program Instructor: Alexandra Bartlett

  • Length: 1 Week
  • Difficulty: 1-3
  • Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Mat
  • Workout Types: Circuit, Low impact, Add-on, Mobilisation, Pilates, Standing, Cardio
  • Body Focus: total, core
  • Week 1

Week 1

Day 1 S&C for Runners Members only 33min
Day 2 Pilates and Abs for Runners Members only 17min
Day 3 Running Balance Members only 23min
Day 4 Runners Legs and Ab Intervals Members only 35min
Day 5 Posture Workout Members only 22min
0 out of 5 workouts completed.

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