Total is a series of longer duration workouts, with every one challenging the upper body, lower body and core, as well as cardio. Every second of each workout is set to the timer, and this forced pace helps you get the most out of you and your body. This is a very tough workout schedule, but you can expect serious results.
Alex and Daniel

Program Instructor: Alex and Daniel

  • Length: 2 Weeks
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Mat
  • Workout Types: AvD, Beats, Circuit, Low impact, Standing, Cardio
  • Body Focus: total
  • Week 1
  • Week 2

Week 1

Day 1 Total Members only 50min
Day 2 Total 2 Members only 56min
Day 3 Total 3 Members only 54min
Day 4 Total 4 Members only 56min
Day 5 Total 5 Members only 58min
0 out of 10 workouts completed.

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