How to Get Amazing Results From The 28 Day Challenge

Our TBP team is thrilled to bring you our all new 28 Day Challenge workout plan, which launched on 1 July 2023. It’s a fantastic new health and fitness program, designed to help you look and feel your best in just 28 days. 

What is The 28 Day Challenge Workout Plan?

The 28 Day Challenge plan is an immersive 28-day journey. It will help you to rebalance your body, build physical and mental strength and realise your full potential. Plus it’s heaps of fun!

Alex has brought together all her knowledge and experiences from years in the health and fitness industry to create targeted workouts that challenge different muscle groups and areas of the body. 

You will build endurance and stamina as you improve your level of fitness and tone your physique. You’ll also learn how to cultivate a positive mindset and enhance your mental resilience. And you’ll do it all with Alex’s gentle guidance and modifications so that everyone (and anyone!) can feel confident and comfortable giving the challenge a go!

What You Can Expect During The 28 Day Challenge?

The 28 Day Challenge workout has a holistic focus. Its success is due to Alex’s combination of exercise genres, from Pilates and toning through to resistance, metabolic conditioning and cardio. The specific workout and rest day combination will help you to achieve elevated outcomes… both physically and mentally.

Alex is your guide and mentor

Alex will guide you through each day of The 28 Day Challenge workouts. Each day she shares her methodology and provides you with insights and tips that will help you to optimise your success.

double image of alex in yellow shifrt with green pants first performing an exercise on the mat and the second cheering on the first for 28 day challenge workouts

Digital Calendar

A key support for your daily workout goals is our new branded digital 28 Day Challenge Calendar. The calendar is your daily starting point through your 28-day workout journey. It has links to each workout, Alex’s tips for success and will give you a fun way to track your daily progress.


21 new workouts

Alex’s comprehensive exercise plan includes 21 new workouts, based on a variety of exercise methodologies. Each workout is 50 to 60 minutes, and are structured to give you optimal outcomes – no matter your starting point! 

Even better, the 21 new workouts are based on TBP’s tried and true favourites.

alex in a low lunge with arms stretched above her head in a pink and shite shirt and light pink pants

7 supported rest days

The 28 Day Challenge includes seven supported rest days. These are a combination of active rest and complete rest, giving your body the time and space needed to recover, repair and rebuild muscle.

Supportive TBP Facebook community

A key part of any workout journey is support, and the 28 Day Challenge is no different. Join our TBP Community on Facebook and connect with others who are on their own 28-day journey.

TBP Playlists

Alex has curated a playlist especially for each of the 28 Day Challenge workouts. If you’re already part of the TBP family, you’ll find some of our ‘greatest hits’ as well as some new faves! If you’re joining us for the first time, you’ll love working out to these tunes.

Alex kneeling in white pants and a black singlet working out with green weights

Practical Tips for Success

Below are our practical tips that can help you to get the most out of your 28 Day Challenge journey. 

Tip 1: Track your progress

One tip across all workouts is to track your heart rate and take note of how long it takes to return to normal after the workout. Do this from Day 1 right through to Day 28, as it’s a great record of your progress.

Tip 2: Mindful movements

When a workout targets the full body, it can be easy to lose focus. Stay mindful and consider your correct form for each movement.

Tip 3: Focus on form and breath

When you’re pushing through resistance workouts, remember to:

  • Focus on your form, particularly when lifting heavier weights.
  • Keep breathing. Inhale during relaxation and exhale during exertion.

Tip 4: Core care

When working the core, we recommend tightening your core muscles before starting each movement. This gives you better targeted results. And don’t forget to regulate your breathing during the core portions of the workout. It’s easy to forget and find yourself holding your breath!

And when you’re doing other types of exercises, be sure to use your core to support your body as well.

Tip 5: Pilates power

When working with pilates movements remember to focus on your mind-body connection and allow it to develop through each movement. It will also help if you think about moving through each motion as consistently and fluidly as you can.

Tip 5: Embrace the challenge

Some of the 28 Day Challenge workouts will push you (hello Super Sessions!)! Just remember to embrace the workout where you can! A little challenge is good for our bodies and minds. But don’t go overboard! We want to see incredible results, but not injuries! Be mindful and respectful of where you are. And remember, there are always modifications (which we love!).

Tip 6: Embrace your wins

It’s so important to focus your mind on the positive and embrace your wins. Not every day will be a great day. But every day that you’re moving is a win!

Tip 7: Ignore the timer

It’s not always easy, but when you can try to ignore the timer and focus on the movement. Breath with your body and you’ll find the workout will be done before you know it.

Tip 8: Increase your metabolism

Many of the 28 Day Challenge workouts are designed to help you increase the efficiency of your metabolism. To do that you can focus on:

  • Making each interval more challenging.
  • Trying to enter your static holds at the end of your range of motion.

Tip 9: Back strength

A reminder for each workout is to be careful not to arch your back as you work through your exercises. Engage your abs to support your back and give you better form.

Tip 10: Have fun!

Each of the 28 Day Challenge workouts is designed to give you fantastic overall results as a full plan. But we also want you to have fun! After all, as Daniel says, moving our bodies should be a joy!

Let’s go!


  1. Nancy Chavez 2 months ago

    Any recommendations for eating?

  2. Cath Keylock 2 months ago

    Week 1 completed and I found the time passed so quickly it did not seem like 50 minutes plus.

  3. Rebecca McHaffie 2 months ago

    On to week 3, taking each workout as they come, and getting it done , improving all the time

  4. Patricia McLane 3 months ago

    Completed first 3 sessions. I’m a little sore all over, but loving it.

  5. Sharon Compton 3 months ago

    Just finished day 5, can definitely tell that I’ve pushed myself but feel so much better for it.

  6. John & Angela Halpin 3 months ago

    Week one done! Love the challenge, the length, and the music. Looking forward to week 2.

  7. Debra Schloss 3 months ago

    Day 4 of the 28 Day Challenge: DONE! I am still in awe that I am able to do a workout that is more than 30 minutes. Thank you Alex, Daniel and TBP family.

  8. Mayda Teck 3 months ago

    Hi everyone
    I will begin this 28- challenge today. Very excited to do it.
    So my day 1 will be July 3, 2023

  9. Daniel Bartlett 3 months ago

    Absolutely loved workout 1!

  10. Viki Teli 3 months ago

    Another amazing fitness program!I wiil start in the afternoon! Thank you Alex! Thank you team!

  11. Elke Catteeuw 3 months ago

    Just finished day 1 and actually enjoyed it. Not always the full 45 seconds, but I stayed with it till the end. Greetings from rainy Belgium!

  12. Leila Segala 3 months ago

    I am super excited about this! I think it’s just the challenge I need to take my results to the next level. bring it on Alex !

  13. D'Lynn Wendt 3 months ago

    So excited to get started!

  14. Natarsha Crowley 3 months ago

    Not long to go now. Ready to get started tomorrow! Bring it on Alex!

  15. Simone Iglesias 3 months ago

    Looking forward to it 🙂
    Just curious, will Daniel be part of these sessions as well? I love the workouts with Alex and Daniel together!

  16. Dana Innocenti 3 months ago

    SO excited!!! Ready and counting down the days!

  17. Sarah Caldwell 3 months ago

    Soooo looking forward to doing this. And there will be so many of us doing it all at once too, even better! Cmon team!

  18. Julie Buttigieg 3 months ago

    Can’t wait to begin! Really looking forward to this challenge in July!!

  19. Linda Savage 3 months ago

    I’m looking forward to the 28 day challenge.

  20. Ellie Kaiser 3 months ago

    I’m excited. Sounds really fantastic.

  21. Jane Stroud 3 months ago

    I really need to do this challenge to get ready for vacations in August and September where there will be quite a bit of walking. At 84, I want to be ready to go!

  22. Pat West 3 months ago

    Is this program designed to be completed in 28 consecutive days? As a 69 year old, 50 to 60 minute daily sessions might be a stretch for me for that length of time.

    • Jane Stroud 3 months ago

      I’ll do as much as I can

    • Mary Albrecht 3 months ago

      Some members in the FB group suggested splitting up the workouts. So maybe do 30 minutes in the morning and then complete the rest of the workout at some other point during the day. I might do this myself, as it is gardening season, and that requires a lot of my time.

  23. Gretchen Hinten 3 months ago

    Can’t wait for this to start. I leave for vacation the 29th and have a new swim suit I’m ready to rock.

  24. Ethan O'Reilly-Milner 3 months ago

    Hey, great article. Seems like a good challenge


  25. Tina Risbridger 3 months ago

    Hi, I’m really looking forward to this challenge- is there a printout of the calendar or workout list?

  26. Cheryl McCombe 3 months ago

    Will this challenge be in the workout library to start at a later date as I have houseguests most of July and won’t be able to fit it in?

    Thank you!

  27. Tammy Melnikoff 3 months ago

    Can’t wait to start this challenge! Can you start this challenge on any day vs the July 1 release date? I will be on vacation and don’t want to miss out.


    • Kristen Lowrey 3 months ago

      Yes any day is fine! Looking forward to hearing how you go. 🙂

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