Real Results from Real 28 Day Challengers!

The TBP team has been thrilled to see the impact The 28 Day Challenge has had on our members. We’re so proud of you – not only for the incredible results we are seeing, but also for the hard work and dedication you have put in day in and day out, to see real results!

We always knew that Alex was onto a winner with The 28 Day Challenge, but frankly we’ve been even more blown away. So we wanted to feature some of the real changes and testimonials from members just like yourself.

Mind-blowing results

As always, our focus for the challenge was on helping you to become the healthiest versions of yourselves. But we noticed that some of you had other motivations in mind… there were new swimsuits to rock and walking vacations to prep for. 

We have LOVED seeing the results coming in through our private Facebook group and hearing about how the challenge has unlocked the unique potential within you. We want to celebrate these wins by sharing some of our challengers’ awe-inspiring transformations:

‘My goal with the 28DC was not to lose weight but rather build muscle. I am very happy that I took photos of my progress.
It’s been wonderful sharing this adventure with all of the team, you really keep me going!’ –
Lori Martin


‘I just completed the 28 day challenge! This comparison photo is a year’s span of dedication and hard work! I turned 50 last July and knew I needed to make a change in my life, so I dedicated myself to diet and exercise lifestyle changes. In the past year, I have lost 50#’s and hope to release another 50 this year! 

As far as the challenge goes, I want to echo what everyone else has said:

  1. It was amazing, even with creaky knees and a cranky back, I did it!!!
  2. My strength and endurance improved greatly over the last month!!!
  3. My balance and coordination improved!!!
  4. I sweated a lot!!!

Thank you to Alex and Daniel for existing! Alex, you inspire me! I’m going to be starting the 28 day challenge again and trying to increase my weights, reps, etc. thank you for being a part of my journey!’ – Cami Coté

‘I started the 28 Day Challenge on 7-1 and today finished the finale. Thank you Alexandra Bartlett for this program. This 65-year-old woman has gained confidence and strength. The weights I used increased and was able to hold those 3 – 45 second planks and then later the 60-second plank. I don’t usually share photos but I know they can often be encouragement to others.’ – Debbie Hallock

Inspiring words

The TBP community loves Alex’s combination of exercise genres, insights and tips just as much as she loves sharing them. We have always believed in you, and it was wonderful to see that belief spread! 

Here are some of the inspiring words from our 28 Day Challengers (so far!):

‘Completed 28 day challenge yesterday. Now August 1, starting round two. This program is a game changer! I can see and feel the difference in my body, strength and energy. My metabolism has improved and I burn an extra 300 to 400 extra calories a day! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a 30 minute workout again. This program was fun and an hour goes by quickly. Thank you for creating this and I look forward to the next new challenge!’ – Lorie A Lawrence

‘I absolutely loved this program. It really took me out of my comfort zone and I really pushed myself physically and mentally. It really is a challenging mindset that you need, to achieve that hour workout! I feel stronger, healthier, I am sleeping better and can see the changes. I have loved all the programs that I have done over the two years. This is certainly one of my favorites!’ – Lee-Anne McCann

‘Just finished this morning. Thank you SO SO much for this amazing challenge that got me out of my comfort zone and made me push myself more than I ever have. I cried like a baby when this one ended. You are amazing thank you!!’ – Cassie Saphirak

Keep going!

Not all changes are visible. You might see improvements in your mental health. Maybe it’s just that bit easier to carry the grocery bags inside. Perhaps you have a touch more energy to power you through the day. 

Consider the 28 Day Challenge your starting point for a wonderful adventure in health and happiness. We hope it fuelled the fire to build even more mental and physical strength, and pursue the life of your dreams.

You inspire us here at TBP HQ each and every day, and you are the reason we do what we do.

So… what’s the next challenge?

We know, we know, feeling great can be addictive. 

Why not try one of our other amazing plans:

 Or you might want to hit The 28 Day Challenge again for Round 2! With nearly 800 workouts to choose from, your newest favourite workout might be the next one!

  1. Sara McCurry 1 month ago

    Hi, Zeena! Just another BodyProject member here, but I saw your question–you may want to try the Longevity Plan Program from BodyProject. I’m doing the Apprentice Plan right now and loving it, but I did one workout from the Longevity Plan and it was great; I intend to complete it, hopefully, after I finish the Apprentice Plan. Longevity Plan is geared, I believe, toward those of us 50+ but still wanting a challenging workout.

  2. Zeena Marikkar 1 month ago

    Hi, I’m a 53 year old mother of three living in Melbourne. I have been religiously doing workouts picked and scheduled as per my limited knowledge on how the body actually works. (Although I research quite a lot) Of most workout sites I have accessed I seem to like the vibe and the sincerity of Team Body project the most.
    This time around I have decided to really work out to a plan laid out by a proper professional suited to my age and capacity. please let me know a suitable workout plan for me to just follow everyday without thinking much.
    I usually spend 30-45 mts a day working out.


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