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The 28 Day Challenge

Join Team Body Project’s 28 Day Challenge and Experience a Powerful Body and Mind Transformation!

Welcome to The 28 Day Challenge – the ultimate health and fitness program designed to help you achieve a complete body and mind transformation. This immersive 28-day journey will kickstart your journey to rebalancing your body, gaining inner and outer strength and unlocking your full potential.

Unlock Your Inner Strength and Reignite Your Health and Fitness in Just 28 Days

Discover the Power of The 28 Day Challenge

Are you looking to break through barriers, push your limits and see incredible changes in your body and mind? 

The 28 Day Challenge is just what you’ve been looking for. 

Our 28-day comprehensive plan has been carefully designed by Alex to target different muscle groups, improve endurance and enhance your overall fitness level. 

You’ll find an inner and outer power and strength you never realised possible!

Holistic Combination of Workout Methodologies

In The 28 Day Challenge Alex brings together her years of experience in the health and fitness industry and her expertise in a wide variety of exercise methodologies to stretch and challenge you in order to create real transformation from within. 

Throughout the challenge you’ll experience a holistic combination of exercise genres – such as metabolic conditioning, HIIT, resistance, toning, Pilates and cardio (among many others!) – to help you achieve elevated physical and mental outcomes. 

It’s time to work towards the fit and toned body you’ve been striving for.

Expert Guidance and Support

Alex will lead  you through The 28 Day Challenge with expert guidance, insight and tips that support you every step of the way. You can feel confident that you’ll have what you need to get the most out of each workout and the best results overall!

Kickstart Outstanding Results

The 28 Day Challenge will help you kickstart your health and fitness and embrace incredible personal transformations. You’ll witness remarkable changes in your strength, endurance, health and overall fitness and walk away looking and feeling your absolute best! 

The 28 Day Challenge will help you say hello to a more confident, healthier and vibrant version of you!

28 day challenge logo with image of Alex in black lifting green weights

Digital Calendar for Daily Tracking

We’ve created a Digital 28 Day Challenge Calendar to aid you in achieving your daily workout goals. You can access each new workout on the appropriate day of the calendar, and read special tips from Alex each day as well. 

Tracking is an important part of keeping you on your personal health and fitness journey. Our digital calendar will keep you moving forward on the 28-day challenge journey!

Unlock Your Potential with The-28 Day Challenge

Discover the incomparable benefits of The 28 Day Challenge:

  • Challenge your body and mind through balanced workouts that embrace a wide range of exercise methodologies.
  • Achieve a toned and fit physique through targeted exercises.
  • Boost your energy, stamina and endurance.
  • Cultivate a positive mindset and enhance mental resilience.
  • Kickstart your personal health and fitness journey and achieve outcomes you never thought possible!

The Details

21 All New Workouts. Based on TBP favourites, including the Metabolic Plan, Cardio Pilates, Mish Mash, Toning Sessions, the Power Plan, Super Sessions, Fusion Flow and Car-AB-dio

50-60 Minutes Each. Each workout starts with an introduction by Alex to support and guide you through the process, the methods and how to optimise each workout.

7 Supported Rest Days. We set out the active rest and rest days which allows your body to recover and rebuild muscle. 

Balanced Use of Exercise Methodologies. The plan embraces a wide variety of exercise methodologies – from HIIT to toning – to help you achieve optimal outcomes. 

Digital Calendar for Tracking. Our all new digital calendar provides you links to the workouts, extra tips from Alex and a fun way to track your progress.

Supportive Community. Join our website’s community and/or TBP Facebook community and receive support from others on the same health and fitness journey as you!

Best of TBP Playlists! You’ll also see some of the best tunes old and new for some fantastic 28-day workout playlists!

Let’s Get Started!

Start The 28 Day Challenge and unlock your full potential. Don’t wait – the journey to a transformed body and mind starts today!

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