The-classic trainee Plan Panel
This plan is suitable for: 
  • Starting your exercise journey
  • Lower impact workouts
  • Fat and weight loss
  • Muscle tone and strength
  • Cardio fitness
  • Core strength

The Trainee plan focuses on good form and great results without placing unnecessary pressure on the joints. An ideal balance of resistance, cardio and mobilisation that ensures excellent results. The Trainee Plan is Ideal for beginners and people coming back to exercise after lengthy layoffs. Expect outstanding results whilst preparing your body to be injury-free and strong for the future.
Alex and Daniel

Program Instructor: Alex and Daniel

  • Length: 6 Weeks
  • Difficulty: 1-2
  • Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Mat
  • Workout Types: Circuit, Instructional, Low impact, Cardio, Standing, Pilates, Boxing, HIIT, Mobilisation, Resistance
  • Body Focus: total, core
  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4
  • Week 5
  • Week 6

Week 1

Day 1 PT Pre Phase Members only 39min
Day 2 Cardio Breeze Members only 21min
Day 3 Compassion Complete Members only 25min
Day 4 Get Moving 1 Members only 39min
Day 5 Cardio Compassion Members only 23min
Day 6 Pilates Pre Phase Members only 22min
0 out of 36 workouts completed.

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