Lets make one thing perfectly clear. However much exercise you do is ENOUGH…there is no rule on how much you should do.

Working out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 times a week is ENOUGH!

If you work out 3 times a week it is enough….

  •  for improved mental, emotional and physical health
  •  for reduced change of disease
  •  to be a winner and win!
  • to show discipline, character and determination
  • to be fitter
  • to be 100% better than NOT exercising

If you exercise on a regular basis you can EXPECT all of the benefits i’ve outline above and much more!

As people, myself and Alexandra want you to exercise regularly, and that is all!

That is ENOUGH. Be confident that whatever you do is not just good ENOUGH, it is absolutely BLOOMING BRILLIANT…you have your challenges and time restrictions in life – that you make the effort and find the time is exceptional!


IF you want to lose weight, lose fat, tone your body, achieve a certain level of fitness…you will need to leave the above outlined world of doing enough for YOURSELF AND YOUR HEALTH and enter the unbending and sometimes ruthless world of doing enough for SPECIFIC RESULTS!

As a company we have a duty to ensure you, our members, can line up your expectations with the work you put in and the outcomes you achieve.

We take an ethical and uncompromising approach to specific results!

Too many companies claim that their workout plan will get you results and if you aren’t getting results you’re doing something wrong…this is not true. A myriad of factors influence results! NEAT, quantity of exercise, type of exercise, quantity of food, quality of food etc etc..

This is the uncomfortable truth. When it comes to aesthetic outcomes, how much you do does influence what you results you can expect to achieve.

Specific results of muscle building and fat loss are more likely to happen if you exercise for 45 minutes a day plus do a daily ‘Sculptor’, track your food and hit daily step targets than if you average exercise 20 minutes four to six days a week, eat what FEELS right and spend most of your day in a chair. (Note: The first approach is Alex, the second approach is me)…

That doesn’t make my 20 minutes of exercise less than enough, but it may not be enough to achieve the outcomes I desire, and I certainly can’t expect to look and be as super-fit as my wife!

Now, if I am intelligent with food intake and train well, 20 minutes of pressing play 4 times a week may be enough to get the specific results I want…equally it may not be…

If you aren’t getting the specific results you want and you don’t have time to do more than you are doing right now – line up your expectations accordingly and know that the 20 minutes you do four days a week is 10,000 times better than doing no workouts at all! It is ENOUGH!

…if you do have time, you can choose to do more. Daily challenges, step targets, adding turbos, sculptors, tracking etc are designed to be accessible and convenient boosters to help you achieve the results you want!

So in conclusion….

Whatever YOU do is enough. You have our undiluted respect and admiration every time you workout!


…if YOU want specific outcomes around weight loss, fat loss or fitness, we will provide you with the all the additional tools you may need to achieve your goals so that you have ENOUGH for specific results! (books, challenges, sculptors, turbos, tracking, guidance etc)

What is ENOUGH for YOU and what is ENOUGH for SPECIFIC RESULTS are entirely different things.

We support you wholly in both!

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  1. Jacklyn 3 years ago

    How many steps are in the beginner 30 workout??

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