There is NOTHING you can achieve in a gym you cannot achieve BETTER at home.

Yes, better!

Without fancy equipment to help you, your body becomes the gym – and the movement patterns, core strength and awareness this will develop is unmatched…if you do it right!

With the right program to follow and a small amount of equipment – you can create a heart with better ‘beats than Dre’, lungs of an olympian, the strength of a bear and a physique worthy of carving in marble.

But what EXACTLY do you need? Here is how you do it!

Workout From Home Tool Kit – A Sustainable Nutrition And Coaching System

When you workout from home, you’ll need an exercise mat, a quality water bottle, a nice towel to dry off with and comfortable exercise clothes. (You can always check out the TBP SHOP if you want something nice! ) 

You’ll also want suitable training shoes. For the vast majority of people ‘cross trainers’ are the best option when you workout from home. Although there are exceptions (myself included, I like ‘barefoot’ trainers)  Running trainers and not fashion trainers are not cross trainers. 

Cross trainers will provide the best all round option for cardio, resistance, high impact, low impact and everything else! 

When you workout from home, in the early stages you can get away without any dumbbells or by using tinned food or water bottles as a replacement – but a short while into your journey, you’re going to want to invest in some weights if you want to take control of your body composition, strength, bone density and overall progression.

Women’s Beginner Home Workout Routines – Dumbell Set

Unless you can afford it or already own them, there is little point in purchasing weights that are 1 kg or less. You will soon grow out of them and can use water bottles or other household items instead.

Note: 1 kg = 2.2 lbs

  1. First set (light). Your starting ‘light’ weight should be around 2 kgs. (Note: if you are using 1 kg for ‘light’ this will become your ‘medium B’ weight.)
  2. Second set (medium). As the majority of exercises sit in B, having a ‘medium’ weight of around 3-4 kgs would be hugely beneficial (again, this would naturally become your ‘C heavy’ weight).

Having one set of 2 kgs and one set of 8 kgs will give you good options for group A and group C exercises with the capacity for choosing which one is most suitable for B exercises.

  1. Third set (heavy). After a time, you may feel like exercises such as squat variations are proving too easy with 3-4 kg weights and at this point we would recommend purchasing an additional set of dumbbells of 5-6 kgs.

Note: These are rough guidelines only and you should adjust according to your own strength and capabilities.

Men’s Beginner Home Workout Routine – Dumbell Set

Unless you can afford it, there is little point in purchases weights that are 1 kg or less, you will probably grow out of them very quickly and you can always use water bottles or other household items instead.

  1. First set (light). Your starting ‘light’ weight should weigh around 3 kgs. (Note: if you are using 1 kg for ‘light’
    this can become your ‘medium’ weight.)
  2. Second set (medium). As the majority of exercises sit in B, having a ‘medium’ weight of around 4-5 kgs would be hugely beneficial. (again, this would naturally become your ‘C heavy’ weight.)

Having one set of 3 kgs and one set of 4-5 kgs will give you good options for group A and group C exercise with the capacity for choosing which one is most suitable for B exercises.

  1. Third set (heavy). After a time, you will feel like exercises such as squat variations are proving too easy with 4-5 kg weights and at this point we would recommend purchasing an additional set of dumbbells of 7-8 kgs.

Note: These are rough guidelines only and you should adjust according to your own strength and capabilities.

Further progressions

By the time you have reached the limit with the weights recommended, you will have a good feeling for weights you are comfortable lifting and where you want to take your strength. Some members never use a weight heavier than 4 kgs and some use 20 kgs. The choice is personal and depends on your goals and preferences.

Being equipped for your health journey is essential to your long-term results.

Workout from home – following a plan! 

Whilst there is no harm in doing workouts in a random order and selecting them day by day, there are a few reasons a structured plan is better for most (although not all) people.


We’ve had almost 10,000 members who workout from home- and we can track frequency and duration of workouts over the last 3 years.

  • Plans get followed – People following a plan workout THREE times as often as those who don’t. Yes, THREE times as many workouts get completed by people following a plan versus those that aren’t
  • Habit becomes permanent – 85% of people following a plan sustain exercise (of some type/duration) for more than 6 months compared to 45% of those who do not.

This data is pretty powerful! Forgetting the quality of the plan – even a bad plan will make you much more likely to achieve your goals because you are COMPLIANT! Compliance is 90% of the law when it comes to physical change!

Fortunately we don’t do bad plans at TBP – which leads me on to the next point….

Results with a plan!

If you want the best results, an intelligent and progressive plan will get you there!

Without the structure of a plan, a few things happen:

  1. You choose workouts you like and are good at. This is great in the short term, but in the long term you neglect progression.
  2. You lack variety and the results you achieve are limited and one dimensional.
  3. Progression. Without a plan pushing you on with progressively more challenging workouts it’s easy to get in a comfort zone – and comfort zones need to be breached for us to improve!

There aren’t many things i’m good at. In fact there are only two things i’m good at.

  1. Dancing like a rubbish Mick Jagger
  2. Making workout plans

I’ve designed well over 1,000 workout plans – the workout plans at TBP are the VERY best of these. They will achieve you the balanced results you want –  without injuries and with strength, tone, cardio fitness, fat loss and everything else you dream of!

We have resistance, cardio, pilates, yoga and everything else you need for outstanding physical health when you workout from home!

Watching workouts 

Some people are happy to workout from home via their phone, computer or tablet – this is cool. If you want to up the ante and watch in full HD – you have a few options!

If you have a normal TV you’ve got a few good options:

  • An hdmi cable that connects to your laptop or PC (with Mac this option might also need another dongle)
  • If you don’t have hdmi you can use VGA (typically blue connectors);  VGA doesn’t carry the sound, so you’d have to get some speakers or just listen through your laptop
  • If you have an iPhone, Mac or iPad you can buy the Apple TV box
  • If you use Android you can buy a really cost-effective Android TV box or plug-in stick; search Amazon and you’ll find 20 different options

If you have a smart TV and smart phone or tablet, you should be able to stream directly to your TV.

For measuring how far you’ve come 

If you want to KNOW how far you’ve come, you’ll want to have a solid method of tracking improvements.

  • Calibrated scales                     
  • Measuring tape
  • A good fitness test

Within Team Body Project we have an effective fitness test against which you can benchmark improvements.

Within The Blueprint section of our new book Transform For Life (available for team members from December 2017) we have crystal clear guidelines on how to track improvements.

A nutrition and coaching system 

You need a nutrition method that is trackable, sustainable and in line with your goals. There is no one size fits all approach with nutrition.

Within Transform for Life we will coach you to coach yourself to outstanding nutrition results – regardless of your tastes and preferences.

In The Science of Physical Transformation you will learn the science behind change and how leading personal trainers and dieticians then use that information to create a plan and ultimately coaching system that ensures outstanding results.

The Blueprint provides the kind of detailed plan creation and coaching that Hollywood actors and professional athletes receive – except better…

You will learn HOW to coach yourself! These tools are one of a kind – never before seen!

A tool kit of compliance 

With all the correct knowledge in the world, you still need to get it done.

We make sure our members are the most compliant and consistent in the world by providing a crystal clear set of habits, philosophies and systems that will keep them on track when the going gets tough.

The Art of Change has no fluff. It approaches mindset and compliance with the precision and accuracy of The Science of Physical Transformation.


Support and accountability can be huge when you work out from home it COULD be lonely – but not if you are a Team Body Project member!

Our members will hold each other up, support one another and push each other on…being in a team is not for everybody – but if it is, you’ve just stumbled on the best team in the world!

The best home workout program anywhere in the world!

We’ve worked hard for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 5 years to be able to say this.

Team Body Project has EVERYTHING you need to achieve the health of your dreams here and more!

Not only that, but we will continue to work to make sure our members have the BEST!

Whatever you want to achieve with your body, you can achieve it here with Team Body Project.

Workout from home and achieve everything you want and more!

  1. Allen Michael 6 years ago

    Totally agree that you can achieve your fitness goals at home better with the right tools and program. Following a plan and making it a habit also helps maintain that goal. Thanks for sharing this post, guys! It’s also nice that you’re sharing your workout videos.

  2. charlotte smith 6 years ago

    I started with TBP about month it is really great to turn on computer and follow the suggested workout for the day . Its very good for me to keep trying various programs and challenges. Im really enjoying although did get a little off schedule with the holidays.

  3. margand 6 years ago

    I totally agree with the thinking behind having a plan. Structure has been my friend and I love to see my progress measured and recorded as I move through various programs. I also like getting a little kudo at the end of each exercise session.

  4. Sara Gretlein 6 years ago

    YES to all of the above. I am in the best shape of my life in my 50’s and I was not new to working out. The workout plans and nutrition information in this program have helped me get in great shape and I am still learning and improving daily.
    I plan to be with TBP for as long as I can get up and move.

  5. Allyson Carter 6 years ago

    Working out with TBP has made working out possible. I’m home most days, so the TBP plan’s are perfect.

  6. Monica Jenista 6 years ago

    With our busy schedule, getting to the gym was not happening and when I did go, two things occurred: I didn’t know what to do and I chose the same old and got bored. I didn’t go. I joined a group class thinking that would give me accountability, then got a fairly substantial knee injury. It was at this point I found Team Body Project. To say I heard angels singing might be overstating, but it was close. TBP allows me to check ALL of my boxes: Minimal equipment (I had dumbbells at home and I have purchased one additional set for very minimal cost), I can workout very early in the morning and not leave my home or even put on shoes if I don’t want to. In fact, when I did cardio compassion for months while recovering, I worked out in my jammy pants. I can add on workouts in the evenings when I have time or need a stretch /mobility sesh. The plans are fantastic – I don’t have to try to figure out what workouts to do if I don’t want to – just follow the plan – OR – if life or time constraints interfere there is flexibility to pick something else. From 20 min workouts to 70 min workouts – its all here. The information provided, the modifications shown and encouraged (no guilt!) – it’s just a wow program that you will never find anywhere else. There is an amazing support team, fantastic science discussed and always fun to be had on the TBP forums.

  7. Heather Santos 6 years ago

    I can attest that TBP truly does have everything needed to achieve personal goals! I mean there was no magic fairy dust that made me drop weight and tone up! I used the tools given to me by my favorite program. I didn’t have to leave my house and all I needed were my computer, dumbells, and plenty of water to stay hydrated (those who know me will know headbands and TBP gear are also part of my essentials )! I can’t say enough how much I love TBP and how much it changed my life!

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