We don’t often focus on workouts for weight loss at Team Body Project (we’d rather talk about health and fitness). But Logan and Paul Waggoner have lost over 170 combined pounds using TBP workouts. Weight loss, health gains and mindset changes? What’s not to love!


When we sat down to chat with Logan and Paul Waggoner we were ready to be impressed. Their sheer commitment, tenacity and results(!) were already dazzling. But what we didn’t know was just how incredibly thoughtful, insightful and self-aware they are—both in terms of their own journey and the mindset that helped them lose over 170 combined pounds and, most importantly, feel more healthy, happy and confident.

Let’s meet Paul and Logan!



Paul and Logan


TBP Members Paul and Logan Waggoner, Workout for Weight Loss Experts

Logan and Paul live in a small town in Missouri and have busy, full lives. Parents to two young boys, they also coach their soccer team, take on commitments to extended family, build houses and even run their own lumber yard and hardware store.

But they were unhappy with their own health and fitness. Logan was at risk for diabetes and had high blood pressure. And Paul had high cholesterol and sugar levels.

Logan says, ‘Paul and I didn’t even have a wedding when we were younger because I thought I was “too ugly and fat” to be a bride. The thought of anyone seeing me or taking pictures of me made me extremely anxious.’

Logan found TBP in February 2020, and introduced it to Paul. And they’ve never looked back.

We asked Paul and Logan, ‘Why Team Body Project?’

Paul—‘I chose Team Body Project because of the spirit of the workouts. The idea that you don’t have to be perfect or do everything right to be a winner.’

Logan—‘I loved the energy of TBP and Daniel and Alex. The encouragement from Daniel and the pace of Alex’s workouts kept me motivated and focused. It’s important to me to feel like my coach truly cares… and I felt that from both of them. My husband and I run a family business and that also made me choose TBP over other programs because I saw a husband and wife team that works well together and treats the members like friends and family.’

How have your lives improved?

Logan—‘The whole “Progress NOT Perfection” campaign really saved me mentally. It freed me in a way where I could be proud of every step I was taking to improve my health. Whereas before, I would only focus on a number or a picture that I couldn’t stand. Now, I can take pictures with my kids and husband and feel confident. It’s changed my attitude about everything at work, how I parent and coach my children and how I accept all of the stresses life throws at me.’

Paul—‘I’ve lost 100 pounds. I feel younger, lighter, and like I can move my body easier. I have a sense now that I can accomplish hard things and make big positive changes in my life.’

What are your favourite workouts?

Logan—‘Paul and I like different workouts. My favourites are Train With Alex, and he likes more resistance workouts. My other favourites are all of the Beats, Mish Mash and Triple Pump.

Paul—‘My favourites are Warrior 2, Triple Pump and Real Start Plus.

How has your mindset changed since working out with TBP?

For both Logan and Paul, there have been tremendous mindset shifts.

Logan—‘It’s hard when someone is always insecure. Team Body Project has definitely helped with my insecurities and I think that’s helped with our marriage. Because I’m more confident and secure there’s less pressure on him to try to constantly build me up.”

Paul—’I think having this positive thing to do together, where we can grow together with this and get healthier and get feeling better, it’s been really amazing. And I agree that it’s strengthened our marriage a lot. And I love seeing her happier. It’s always a continuing journey, of course, but I know that we’re both on the right path now and that’s really encouraging.’

Logan—’Of course, things are never 100%. I still have my bad days, and I think Paul has some bad days, too, so it doesn’t fix everything. But it definitely changes our mindset from one of defeat and frustration to one where we say, “OK, we’re just having a bad day. This isn’t us. This isn’t how we feel internally.” And we both recognise that and that’s very helpful.’

Paul—‘Knowing that we’re able to accomplish something that’s difficult means we can draw on that when we’re feeling down or stressed. It helps us know that we’re capable and that we can do hard things. And our commitment to working out carries us through to other things in our lives.’


What advice do you have for other members on their journey?

Logan—‘My advice is not to worry about where you’re starting from or what other people are doing. That’s just going to get in your head. Just focus on you. Just look forward and nowhere else.’

Paul—‘Make sure you have motivations and reasons for doing things that aren’t completely tied to the scale or to appearances. Working out for weight loss is great, but when we’re so focused on those specific results it’s easy to get frustrated. We all know what to do, it’s just sometimes hard to do it. Seeing the other great benefits you get from working out will motivate you to keep going.’

Thank You Paul and Logan!

Thank you so much to Paul and Logan for speaking with our team. We’re so lucky and pleased to have them as part of Team Body Project!

If you haven’t tried one of our workouts yet, we’d love you to join us! You can sign up for a FREE membership today and get access to loads of workouts for weight loss, strength, health, fitness, longevity, functionality and more!

  1. Virginia Peltier 3 months ago

    What an incredibly motivating story!!! Team Body Project is one of a kind and the best routine in the world! I looked at zillions of senior exercise shows in YouTube and nothing but nothing compared to Team Body Project. They are gifted coaches. Daniel and Alex have a truly natural and amazing talent for motivating people.

  2. Sarah Thode 9 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your story. I can relate to Logan’s feelings about herself in particular. This story gives me hope that there can be better days ahead. SO very grateful for your willingness to be vulnerable and authentic. Thank you again!

  3. Kathleen Molaro 1 year ago

    Just coming back after a long “why bother” mental break. I’m 71 with lots of medical issues, so I really appreciate the variety and choices of workouts! There’s something for everyone. Thanks for the inspirational stories that have gotten me moving again. Virtual hugs!

  4. Rehanna Alphonso 1 year ago

    Love, love, love you workouts. I love forward to my workout daily. Thank you guys❤️

  5. Judith Levy 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for this interview. it really helped me as I’ve been going through a sad little time here-just found out I have high cholesterol and some bone density issues. I understand that exercise and weight loss can help. Reading this interview shook me out of my own pity party and as Daniel says, it’s all theoretical until you just press play and start moving. I’m going to try to put the the negative thinking aside for a bit, and see where I can get. Very motivating interview. Thank you and congratulations. Logan, you’re beautiful! Don’t ever doubt that.

  6. Sue Petrelli 2 years ago

    Great Job!!! Love Team Body Project- I am 61 years old from Illinois, USA. I have about 100 more pounds to lose but find that this workouts are doable and really help me get in a great workout. Love Alex and Daniel , Tosh and Kristin and all the other folks who help make the videos,

  7. Ana Santiago-Goldstein 2 years ago

    Paul and Logan, you have defeated the “I can’t”. What you have done is extremely difficult and I salute you. Stay the course for life.

  8. Nicole Ellis 2 years ago

    What an incredible journey you’ve embarked on together. Your commitment is amazing and inspirational!

  9. Elaine Rowland 2 years ago

    Iv just found the team
    And have just started doing workouts
    But have adapted a different eating plan for me which started in April 2021 and have now lost 49 pounds and was wanting a form of exercise to work the areas that have a build up of fat
    I’m doing the workouts and I’m really having fun with it
    Drinking more water
    Walking everyday (almost )
    2 miles
    and now doing workouts which Iv been doing for 2 weeks
    My goals are to lose another 50 pounds
    And encourage my daughter to do the program as she is in the dirty word ,region no motivation

    Glad Iv found TBP
    Elaine R

  10. Mary Podhorecki 2 years ago

    Wow! Great! I started about 5 months ago with the Senior Strong program, mostly in the chair. Went through the program 5 times before I moved on. Today I finished the Total 4 workout, but I still go back to work out with Daniel, Alex, Diana and Douglas! You guys are awesome!

  11. Julie Sewell 2 years ago

    fantastic!!! inspirational!!!

  12. Cynthia Ulmer 2 years ago

    This was a great testimony!!I am 65 and have exercised almost daily for 11 months now. Would love to know more about your healthy eating habits for you and your husband also. Thanks so much!! And I too now like to exercise and thought I would never say that!!

  13. Louise Smith 2 years ago

    You were always beautiful. Now you are inspiring adn healthy too. Fabulous, well done 🙂

  14. Heather Tank 2 years ago

    Awesome – way to go to both of you!! Such a tremendous inspiration!

  15. Laura McDowell 2 years ago

    I love these two! So inspiring!

  16. Kerrie Pittaway 2 years ago

    How lovely.

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