1. Patty Stradley 12 months ago

    I start my mornings around 5:30 am so I can get a good workout in before getting ready for work. I love not having to waste time trying to figure out what type of workout I will do, so many great choices. Thank you Daniel and Alex from Idaho!

  2. Lynda Anderson 1 year ago

    I quit my gym membership when I found you. Great work outs. Great philosophy. And I also appreciate that I usually get a laugh at some point during the workout. Thank you!

  3. Theresa Freligh 1 year ago

    I’ve been working out with you for just about a year! So far I have lost 79 pounds and never felt better. Right now I have a sore shoulder and am not using weights. Is there something I should do to keep working out but not put strain on my shoulder? Thanks

  4. Lorelei Contreras 2 years ago

    I love Team Body Project. I just purchased my membership about a month ago after following you on YouTube. I’ve never felt better.

    Thank you for being real and having several options on the same workout, high vs low intensity. I’ve never enjoyed moving as I have since coming across Team Body Project.

  5. Bernice Springer-Richards 2 years ago

    I just came across Team Body Project on Youtube 3 days ago and I am enjoying the exercise videos. I appreciate the “real talk” about being tired or out of breath, that everyone does not look like fitness models and the exercises are not over the top strenuous. I’m hopeful that this will turn into a long term relationship.

    • Julie Sewell 2 years ago

      That’s how I started and the membership followed with ton’s more workout videos. I wish you success.

    • Aiman Ramzan 2 years ago

      After join TBP I fell really good

    • MELODY ROBINSON-TOLER 1 year ago

      Amen!!! 🙂

  6. Keith Larkin 2 years ago

    To start with, I hate working out. Haven’t done any real exercise since high school. I’d tell my doctor that my manual labor jobs for the last 44yrs were my workouts. Now I’m 61yrs old and found out in Oct. ’20 that I’ve got type 2 diabetes. I don’t want to end up like my grandfather. He lost both of his legs because of his diabetes. I’ve been working out every morning to your 30 minute YouTube videos since feb ’21. I’ve lost 50 pounds. I just started doing the latest video that you posted. I hate weights even more than exercising but I like the pace that you’re using. I can’t afford to pay you guys but I do appreciate what you let us see. It’s working for me. Thank you!

  7. Jolinda Smithson 2 years ago

    I absolutely align with your philosophy on movement. Your diversity of body types in your videos and your constant encouragement to do my best today – whatever that is – makes me so encouraged to keep showing up. I love your personalities. I love the goofy statements. You read my mind when we’re doing something tough and always create a laugh. I appreciate that you have real people in normal workout clothes – not fitness models with sponsored kits. And I absolutely love that as I’m entering my 40s you have many options for me! My body is not 100% every day and I don’t always have time but you create levels and options for me to move to create good daily habits. By creating options, you are really serving the team and our needs. Your core values shine through in what you’re creating. I love that you create and release imperfect videos and imperfect workouts…because it shows us that we can do the same.

  8. Laura Siniski 2 years ago

    I love your vlogs. It really brings together your philosophy and workouts. It motivates me. As I get older I’m noticing changes in my body. Not all I like of course. But your teaching us to love our body. It’s with us our whole life. You’ve taught me to embrace aging but see the importance of exercise being a part of that journey and the difference it makes. Thank you.

  9. Karen Wilkinson 2 years ago

    I have just signed up for a second year and that is testament to all your efforts. I never worked out before and now I look forward to 3 regular workouts a week – huge thanks to you both Daniel and Alex – I am an exercise convert!

  10. Ruth Palatnik 2 years ago

    You philosopy shines through your workouts, which is one big reason why I always recomend you….

  11. Amara Hamilton 2 years ago

    I have been working out with you over 4 years now – and still going strong! : )) Love all your workouts, banter, sense of humor and your positive, encouraging and inclusive attitude towards us all. It’s a breath of fresh air, and you do feel like part of my extended family ( actually, I see you more often than them – which is hilarious!) Deep gratitude!

  12. Breemo Williams 2 years ago

    Love the new workouts with Alex and the in and outs too,amazing choice! 15 months with TBP and still loving it, I’m nearly 62,workout six days a week and starting to build muscle,better co-ordination,building emotional and physical resilience all with the help of TBP, thankyou for your consistent motivation and new workouts,what a grande choice we have……amazing!

  13. Pari Nazerian 2 years ago

    Thank you. You are the best. I enjoy your workout videos but it’s been a while that I have injured my right shoulder when I was lifting up some heavy objects and I was not able to do that much of the workouts. Can’t wait to go back to normal and start my routines.

  14. Andrea Luna 2 years ago

    This is my first time posting and I have to say that this is the best investment I have EVER made!!! I have always exercised but I have never looked forward to it. With Alex and Daniel I actually look forward to it!! So I love you both. I always strive to be Alex but I have some joint issues and have to go low impact sometimes. My favorites are the total series and in one of them Daniel says to Alex “You are such a machine(looks to the camera) It’s ok to be me”. Love that…but I still want to be able to do everything Alex does.

  15. Lily Van Lent 2 years ago

    My two cents as well…
    the consistent messages of enjoyment, being ongoing for health, and being also to take time for repair as our bodies change over time or need this or that is the most energizing thing! I appreciate the honesty of Daniel not trying to be some paragon of workout guy amping it up evermore so that only bodybuilders can keep up. He models for everyone that knowing one’s body is vital to keeping healthy! I appreciate Alex’ masterful ability to “get it done” with strength and grace. Some of my favs are mini beats 2 and in and out 3 which I add on to my program works regularly. I just LOVE TBP and how it operates in my and my husband’s life. With gratitude galore,

  16. Matt Libby 2 years ago

    I love the workout plans. Have done so many by myself and with my wife. We have fun being able to do the same workout together, even though we are at different fitness levels. I love the Daniel videos always, and I do the Alex videos when I know I need to push myself. Alex has great stretches, and I don’t know how strong her core is, but it is ridiculous! Love the videos. Glad you are part of my life.

  17. Angela Oas 2 years ago

    Thank you for everything you guys do. I would love to see more boxing workouts! I love the boxing in the Real Start plans, and Boxing Resistance Light is on constant rotation for me. Again, thank you for your motivation.

  18. Fatima Almazmi 2 years ago

    thank you for your motivation

  19. David Lehning 2 years ago

    I am so very happy that I found TBP! I discovered you on YouTube when COVID started shutting gyms and I wanted good solid workouts that I could do at home. After a couple of weeks I created a free account then a couple of weeks after that I signed up for an annual subscription. I am 68 and love the variety of workouts offered. I have done several of the Real Start programs and have now gone through Total twice. I love Total and am pleased that you are making more. I did the Real Start Totally workouts as you were making them and uploading them to the site, but decided that I would like to do them now as a plan so I have backtracked and started the Totally workouts as a program. They are actually like Total but shorter in duration, but get everything done in one workout; cardio, resistance and core work. I don’t plan on going back to a gym, I don’t need them now with TBP! Keep up the wonderful work!

  20. Faye Yoong 2 years ago

    Great workout session with team body project, ❤️ your motivation words always keep me going despite all the soreness after the workout. Thank you so much Daniel, Alex and the team

    You guys Rock!!!

  21. Andrea Pieri 2 years ago

    Loved your talk today. I am 74 years old and enjoy the variety of classes . So glad you are adding more Beats!

  22. Elina Kirkoy 2 years ago

    I have also been doing TBP for 1 year now and wow the difference in how I feel is amazing! I cannot imagine ever stopping TBP it is just so fun to do your videos! You are so appreciated thank you much!

  23. Jill Naughton 2 years ago

    I began my journey last June and have just requested another year’s subscription. The classes are brilliant in the way that you can make them harder or modify for example low impact or using another exercise. I love the choice of classes and different levels of difficulty.

  24. Sue Roth 2 years ago

    So much good information here! A week or so ago I hit a wall. I was pushing myself too hard and getting discouraged. I switched to a different program and am loving exercise again. I really appreaciate the positive messages that Daniel gives. He helps me to understand that movement and consistency are the most important factors. I don’t have to feel guilty about dialing it back a little some days and can trust that my body will let me know when it wants to go all out on the racetrack again.

    Also, thank you for emailing the link to the vlog. I never seem to be online at the right time to see them live and don’t want to miss out.

  25. Jose Gorosabel 2 years ago

    I have followed many fitness videos through out the years, but this is the first time that i see a program that is not all about having the perfect body, but more about actually moving your body without all the pressure of working on getting the perfect abs. You guys are very motivating, I just hope that I have the consistency to keep on working out for a healthy body and mind.

  26. Beverly Moore-Deas 2 years ago

    Please add more GET YOUR DAY STARTED low impact 15 minute or less videos for those of us that like to move as soon as we place our feet on the floor in the morning when we wake up! : )

  27. Beverly Moore-Deas 2 years ago

    I agree with the wanting to ENJOY my workout! I don’t enjoy the INTENSE workouts at all.

    I don’t believe in the “No Pain No Gain Philosophy”! The body has the pain mechanism as a warning to us and a as a signal to make adjustments.

  28. Trish Craparotta 2 years ago

    I am loving these vlogs and everything about Team Body Project. I am a nutritionist and was looking for an exercise program to meet the needs of my clients and not have to go to a gym. This checks all the boxes and I’m loving it myself. Thank you again and keep on creating

  29. Beverly Moore-Deas 2 years ago

    You guys are great! I appreciate you all!

  30. Christina Davey 2 years ago

    I am so pleased I joined the Team – you are all such a great help in keeping healthy – and I just have to add – I love love love the Repair workouts… and the Warrior Stretch and Power Flow…. (well to be honest pretty much all of the sessions even the tougher ones:) !). Have you considered an even bigger Tai Chi influence?? Would love to explore this flowing/gentle but effective style more.

    Thaaaaank you all!

  31. Kathleen Heath 2 years ago

    Thanking you both for the fabulous workouts I’m enjoying them and I’m improving So much now,
    I feel a lot fitter Thank you

  32. Robert Roque 2 years ago

    I’ve never looked forward to exercising until I joined Team Body Project. Thank you Daniel and Alex for showing me the way.

    • Lily Van Lent 2 years ago

      I read your comment and thought YES! That is exactly true for me too, Robert. Alex and Daniel and *all* their workout friends are indeed showing the way to really keep a habit of health and ENJOYMENT of movement. I can’t imagine ever going elsewhere.

  33. Edward Shore 2 years ago

    Thank you! I am a newbie and enjoy the workouts. I am a fan of controlled body movements.

    I’m here to develop a discipline to make working out a lifetime routine.

  34. Ginny Carlisle 2 years ago

    Thank God for Team Body Project! Life saver for sure during the lockdowns. Even tho we are almost back to normal, I still use these workouts at least 4 times a week as they are fabulous. Thank you so much for all you do.

  35. James Whelan 2 years ago

    Lockdown forced our hands into ‘online’ training and if clouds have a silver lining that is Team Body Project during Covid. I had never done a training session online and now thanks to the great plans and training provided I will not be going back to the gym. Great job Alex and Daniel, I love working out with you guys, really gets my day off to a great start.

  36. Carolyn Hall 2 years ago

    I cannot stop thanking you and team for helping me and reminding to keep going .I enjoy you and Alex I will be whit the team forever.Starting my workout right I from Chicago

  37. Alice Rix 2 years ago

    You are doing an amazing thing, and have helped keep my wife and I going throughout this lockdown. Thank you for all you do, and for helping not only helping to restore our physical strength, but also our emotional resilience. Long may the ship sail 🙂 ! <3

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