The future has a unique capacity to overwhelm; escaping the prosaic prison of reality, like a cobra, slithering through the gaps in its restrictive wicker cage, and emerging into the infinite possibilities of imagination, rearing its head with a slow and mesmerising poise, ready to pierce our conscious mind with its blistering glare and venomous tongue.

As the snake strikes; moments yet to pass fly through your mind, absent of chronological order or rationale, yet so meticulously precise and vivid in their manifestations that they hold within them the capacity to numb our faculties, leaving us sprawled where these fanciful visions find us, stunned by the enormity of our impending destiny.

The economy, our health, the future for our children, the political climate, a meeting, a phone call, a deadline, a bill, a day, a moment.

Yet for all the fear and anxiety it can spawn, the future is an illusion that does not exist outside of your minds eye. The future is forever destined to be standing at its own doorstep, awaiting the arrival of a guest that will never greet them and a resolution that will never pass.

For when the sun sets on this day and rises on the next, the future is gently nudged onto the horizon by the master of reality. A ceaseless entity that is always careful to keep the future at a safe distance. The present.

Today is not just another day. THIS moment is not just another moment.

It is the only moment and the only day.

Days that have passed and moments yet to pass are merely tiny grains of sand in the presence of the galactic star that is this day and this moment.

Today is magnifique, magnifico, magnificent.

Do not allow the chains of yesterday or the fears of tomorrow dilute its glory.

One day, this moment will be a tiny speck, hidden somewhere within the infinite energy of the setting sun. You will ache for its return, yet you will know that when the sun takes moments out of view and into the darkness that lay beyond the horizon, they are gone forever.

Today is a gift. This moment is a gift.

It is not another day. Make it a magnificent day.

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  1. Koka Alomari 4 years ago

    This article is beautiful

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