1. Serra Mentessi 1 year ago

    This is so great! Thank you so much for you unique you-ness. You make this whole thing so much fun!

  2. Alison Mitchel 2 years ago

    Loving the chat Daniel. These VLogs are so uplifting. Don’t change your style you make me laugh and then I enjoy the workouts more. Mat work – I’ve tried the up and down work outs but by the time I have managed to get down you are back up. So we just put those to one side. A Huge Thanks

  3. Johanne Paris 2 years ago

    OMG!!! What fun I have listening to your VLOGs Daniel; just when I’m feeling slightly discouraged or need a small push, you’re right around the corner with your wise words delivered with the utmost charm, comedy and sensitivity!!! Finding TBP was the BEST thing EVER!! Proud member for many, many, many years to come; now I just need to get my TBP exercise wear!!!

  4. Annie Glendinning 2 years ago

    LOL – you are being very funny! Must have been good wine! I don’t feel bad at all not going on the mat hahaha I can not do ANY mat work due to health reasons so I LOVE LOVE LOVE the standing workouts. I would love every mat exercise to have a standing option!

  5. Virginia Manzer 2 years ago

    Daniel, Gaston was a creep. No one should want to be like Gaston. That said, you offered up an excellent rendition of the tune. I am interested in a strong upper body so I do some of the exercises on the floor when that’s what you’re demonstrating. Others, however, I do the standing version; my poor hands/wrists can’t take too much floor work.

  6. Lisa Schwan 2 years ago

    I love the standing workouts! The up, down, up down exercises don’t do anything for me except make me aggravated with myself for not being able to move like I used to! I feel with the standing exercises I get my heart rate up more!

  7. Madeleine O’Broin 2 years ago

    Thanks for the talk on standing work outs and it is so helpful to have an internet person called
    Daniel to suggest ways to exercise. I was one of those only doing standing work outs but I see the benefit of trying the Mat to Standing Transition because I am finding it hard to get up and down now in a lot of things I do.

  8. Lindsay Thompson 2 years ago

    I prefer the standing low impact. They are fun, I sweat a lot and it doesn’t hurt my shoulder (dislocated 2 yrs back) I also have arthritis in my spine and knees and I’m only 34 so the standing ones have been my saving grace.
    Thank-you so very much for everything you guys do. I was floundering to workout before my sister introduced me to you guys about a year ago ❤️

  9. David Everitt 2 years ago

    I prefer the standing routines because I have a problem shoulder that I want to avoid overstressing ,while getting up and down. Maybe some instruction on the most efficient way to get up and down would be a good idea.

  10. Sharyl Ramos 2 years ago

    I do appreciate the standing workouts as I usually have very limited space. I also appreciate the Gaston bit. Beauty and the Beast (animated version) is my favorite movie of all time! And yes I am a grown woman

  11. Kathy Horner 2 years ago

    Thanks again Daniel. Love!!!! Your humor. Never surrender to negative feedback. Ps. We miss Wade and Angie.

  12. Ana Santiago-Goldstein 2 years ago

    TBP workout programs are AWESOME. I believe that it is up to each of us to figure out what we can and cannot do and find alternatives for the workouts our body cannot perform. Thanks.

  13. Ruth Palatnik 2 years ago

    By me mat or standing can vary. With my shoulder injury (missing a muscle), I can handle the mat chest press MUCH better than standing using a lighter weight.
    I do think the issue of ability to get up and down as we age to be very relevant.
    BTW HOW many scotches did you imbibe before this? (LOL) (“Core control” had me laughing….)

  14. Sue Nathan 2 years ago

    Hi Daniel I have been doing a 45 min workout everyday for the last month how soon should I start to see results I can only do the standing as I have M S and at 73 have trouble getting down on the mat Thanks Sue

  15. Carolyn Hall 2 years ago

    Once again I wont thank you for your advice I like standing work out can do the mat. Mate can some time hard on my knees.

  16. Dee Ellison 2 years ago

    Daniel, you said it’s Saturday night, so I think you prepared for this VLOG by ingesting a bottle of wine. I can get down and up, but it’s not pretty or efficient. Looking forward to your Mat to Standing Transition video.

  17. Tamara Ramorino 2 years ago

    Love this vlog… it always has an answer for sometimes I feel unbarresed to ask. You always lift us up and encourage to keep on our own pats so I’m truly thankfull for you, your blogs, TBP and working out with you guys, is the best of my days.

  18. Cathy Baker 2 years ago

    I deal with vertigo so standing exercises are great!! I hope that you continue many variations for those that need it.

    Love your program, thanks:)

  19. Rachael Boggs 2 years ago

    All depends on how my body feels. But good to know it can still be as effective.

  20. Robin Moppins 2 years ago

    I actually love the all standing workouts because I have issues with my hip and my knee. I am seeing results, and I just go harder whenever I feel like I’m slacking off with the standing workouts.

  21. Sarah L. 2 years ago

    LOL Thanks for being so incredibly uplifting, Daniel! God bless you! The Gaston song was my favorite part. xD I’ve had a rough night and morning, and yet after the workout and seeing this vlog, I’m already feeling better. 🙂

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