Imagine, if you will, living in a world, where every one of us were identical.

In this sanitised version of humanity, each and every person would perfectly match the ‘perfect’ ideal.

In this world, the word ‘individual’ has not been used for thousands of years. Redundant. Superfluous to requirements. Banished to history.

Voices freed of all chance or need to discover new harmonies.

No body, no face and no opinion could differ, because any slight deviation would contradict the fabric of this society. Intrinsically, perfection has only one version.

The perfect version.

Would this theoretical civilisation have reached the pinnacle of mankind? Perfection.

All citizens looking, thinking and functioning in exactly the same way.

The perfect way.


Free of this homogeneous prison…remember that in OUR world, your body, your face and your mind is DIFFERENT to mine and CELEBRATE.

We spend so much time comparing and judging, we forget the differences in ourselves we berate, are actually the greatest gifts we own.

Because difference is incalculably better than perfection.

To be unique is infinitely preferable to being ideal.

Being diverse is immeasurably more satisfying than being uniform.

You are not perfect and nor am I. The most wondrous trait we share, is that we manifest incomparability in EVERY way.

Ask yourself the following question, free from rhetoric, sentiment and cliche.

Is there anything more beautiful in this universe, than the beauty of oneness?

Oneness, in the sense that we SHARE it all.
Oneness in that we are the ONLY one.


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