Did you think your workout was a physical challenge? The physical side is the tip of the iceberg…

The truth is that completing a workout is actually a rollercoaster journey through every emotion availability to humanity…

Pre workout: “That couch looks GOOOOD. Imagine how lovely it would feel to sit on it with a nice cup of tea….NO, the couch is for people who have already worked out. Imagine how good it will feel to sit on it AFTER you’ve finished your workout.”  Determination 

Minute 1: “I don’t trust Daniel or Alex. They’re all smiles…but they’re hiding something.” Suspicion 

Minute 5: “What does she mean that was the warmup, i’m already out of breath…she must be joking. she wasn’t joking…how am I going to get through this…” Disbelief

Minute 7: “He said burpees. He just said burpees. I’m going to die and I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye!” Fear 

Minute 8: “Another set of burpees?!? Who do you think you are? I’ll show you burpees you piece of….” Anger

Minute 9: “I did it. I rock. Nobody on planet earth is as awesome as me. Come at me bro…give me the best you’ve got….” Overconfidence 

Minute 10: “Did SHE just say heeltaps. I was talking to him, not YOU.  I didn’t mean the best YOU’VE got Alex…I take it back…” Regret 

Minute 13: (after heeltaps) “Is this what it feels like to be dead?” Enlightenment 

Minute 15: “Half way. We’re only halfway. It’s not possible. I can’t feel my legs…i’m going to cry…Mummy!” Despair

Minute 16: “Dig in now. You know you want this, you know why you’re working out. Come on, don’t give up now.” Resilience  

Minute 18: “Shut up Daniel. I don’t want to hear another word come out of your mouth – unless it’s about the cool down and stretch.” Irritation 

Minute 20: “Am I enjoying this…I think I am. Yes, I am. Yup, there is no doubt in my mind that I am actually having fun…” Enjoyment 

Minute 22: “Nope. I was wrong. I am definitely not having fun. I am having anti-fun. I hate Daniel. I hate Alex. I even hate cute little kittens and puppies.” Desolation 

Minute 25: “Wrong again. The world is a wonderful place. Life is wonderful and so am I.  ♫ ♪Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a wonderful day♫ ♪…” Joy 

Minute 27:The workout is done. It is done.” Relief

Minute 28: “Did they just announce a Burpee/heeltap combination finale? *#¢#…..#¢*#£!!!” Incandescent rage

Minute 29: “I’m never going to finish this, it’s not possible to finish this. This is ridiculous, nobody should willingly put themselves through such relentless pain…”  Indignation 

Minute 30:I did it. I DID it! Wow! What a workout. What a session.” Elation 

Minute 32: “Did she just say my heart rate should be back to normal by now? Is 160 normal?” Confusion 

Minute 35 end of workout: “I’m awesome. Daniel and Alex are lovely. Life is beautiful.” Love 

In the shower: “I can’t wait until I get to do my next workout tomorrow, working out is the best thing in the world….” Anticipation 

…Tomorrow:My legs hurt…i’m sure Daniel said if my legs hurt I should take a total rest day…” Denial

What goes through YOUR mind when working out? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. erika anderson 5 years ago

    to be honest i love exercise and i have a real goal so i dont say it actually. but the most reason is that body project team do the plan so well and their professional. i saw lots of exercise videos but their is really s.th else. LOL

  2. Orsolya Draskoczy 6 years ago

    I was smiling through while awas reading this blog! Whatbabrelief I am not the only one who is on this rollercoaster
    I remember when I started my new lifestyle with everyday workouts with extra weight on me.
    Now (after 2,5 years) I enjoy every sec to workout with you even it exhausted because it paid off!
    I have joined to TBP for 2weeks only and I have had some exersise which has not been before, new to me and very effective
    Thanks a lot

  3. Jo Osman 6 years ago

    Absolutely spot on, except like Jennifer I don’t allow the head chatters to get started, and although I DO swear at you both sometimes, I never hate you because I know you are being cruel to be kind. It helps waking up at ridicuolous-o’clock to exercise, too, as any thought of not doing a workout would mean wasting an hour of sleep for nothing…the pain has to be worth it in terms of results!

  4. Andleeb Ghani 6 years ago

    Each and every word

  5. Margaret Anderson 6 years ago

    I procrastinate and procrastinate and procrastinate and then , once I press play the banter and humor pull me in and push me on to the glorious. FINISH LINE

  6. Debbi Ragsdale 6 years ago

    Just this morning, I said during one segment of the workout where you (Daniel) said, (something along these lines) “I know you guys are going hate me, but we’re going to do burpees.” My response was, “Are you kidding me – burpees – NOW?” Then I pushed through with determination! I would never hate you or Alex, but I do talk back on occasion – and it pushes me harder.

  7. Sietske 6 years ago

    ‘I even hate cute little kittens and puppies’, hahahahaha. For the rest… Exactly how it goes, except the ‘I hate you’, I never feel that. Great blog!

  8. Therese 6 years ago

    I always think that I don’t want to work out – but push through it anyway. The emotional is always tougher than the physical for me. I always feel very accomplished after finishing – you guys have great workouts – very inspiring! Keep up the good work!

  9. MikeFleming 6 years ago

    Very clever – and accurate!

  10. Jennifer Jarvis 6 years ago

    Yes, you captured the thought arc accurately from start to finish, and I love the humor because it’s all true! When I’m facing a challenging workout (especially if I haven’t slept well)…”This is going to suck.” That’s what often goes through my head before I start. “This is going to suck, but I’m doing it anyway.” How I feel afterward is the antithesis of “sucky.” I don’t give myself a chance to really work the anti-workout thought processes. I get up, throw on the workout gear, lace up, and press play. I try not to pay attention to the head chatter. Another great post speaking truth!

  11. Heather Santos 6 years ago

    Oh my goodness! I could have written this…well except I never hate on you and Alex…BUT I do have a lot of “are you bleeping kidding me moments”! One things is certain that through it all I always end feeling fantastic and strong! I never regret pushing play! The mental battle is a tough one some days but pushing through it and pushing the body through physical barriers is absolutely amazing!

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