This is my first vlog. If you like it let me know in the comments below.

The concept is simple. I just let the camera run and talk through topics that interest me and I believe will support you in your health. Unedited.

  1. Connie Carrillo 2 years ago

    I like the way you mold over her comments. You and your wife are a great team. Thank you for this vlog.

  2. Orsolya Draskoczy 6 years ago

    Hi Daniel
    Thanks for sharing Alex and your vision about discipline! I have just understood how reached my goal with my everyday workouts the past 2and a half year)))
    I was desperate to have my shape back after 6children and I feel so lucky to be commited all these years, no missing almost any day. When my friends and the other mums noticed the change of my shape asking advice how they can reach their goal I shared my rutin (workouts and healthy balanced diet) but to be honest sadly a very less percent of them was/is able to keep the rutin and have their dream body/lifestyle so far… so discipline is not easy even we want something to reach. When I reached my goal I did not stop because I started to enjoy my new lifestyle and now I can keep it up (I feel) with less discipline. So I guess discipline gave me a new habit which is part of me now.
    I wish for everybody the same!!!!

  3. Amara Hamilton 6 years ago

    Love your vlog, Daniel. While you were talking, it occurred to me that so often discipline has been used with such negative connotations, that it has been difficult to claim it as an asset in life. I certainly claim it as such now. The discipline in exercising carries over to other parts of my life and does create more freedom overall. I totally agree with your musings! Keep them coming!

  4. annie 6 years ago

    I loved this vlog Daniel. It really hit home. Please keep this up! The spoken word can be so powerful.

  5. Alan Twilley 6 years ago

    I really enjoyed this. I have resisted discipline for so long, but have not enjoyed the results. Very, very slowly i am beginning to realized that discipline is something to be enjoyed and proud of. This video nailed it and really hit home.

    Thank you,

  6. Heather Santos 6 years ago

    I love this vlog! Reading your blog is good but hearing the message and seeing you deliver it is great! Someone recently told me “gosh aren’t just little Miss Motivation”. My reply to that snarky remark was “not really…motivation doesn’t do anything for me….I just know I have to get my workouts done or the consequence is that all my results go out the window”. I use to buy into the whole motivation thing…but now I find it to be a bunch of hippy dippy baloney! Through TBP I’ve learned that discipline is a much richer asset to possess! Ps…I hope you keep up the vlog, I think it’s a hit!

  7. Rachel Sparrow 6 years ago

    I enjoyed your vlog. I had picked up on the importance of discipline vs motivation from the blueprint and had been giving it some thought. Being disciplined, for me, is more empowering than being motivated, and takes more effort. Following the blueprint I find I have to be disciplined in so many ways- from being like you and making sure its only 2 beers at the weekend, to pushing myself to workout when I dont want to (like we all do) and trying to change the way I eat. In the past I could only have managed one of these, but in the last year with TBP they have all come together for the first time, Although its been said many times, this whole experience is life changing for me and obviously for many others who I read about on the community page every day. Keep helping us Daniel, we are all making such fantastic progress because of you two.

  8. Heather Wray 6 years ago

    Loved this! Thank you so much Daniel! I’ve never really thought of myself as a disciplined person until I found Body Project. As usual, your posts hit home at the perfect time!

  9. Author
    Daniel Bartlett 6 years ago

    Precisely Caitlin – you nailed it. I’ve often talked about this ‘transfer’ of discipline from one area of life to another. In fact – I may even write a blog on this in more detail this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Caitlin 6 years ago

    I really enjoyed that Daniel. I have goals I want to achieve and then they seem so far away that I reach for temptations of food and tv. Discipline and repetition of things that will help achieve those goals are what will get me there. I have thought that I’m not disciplined but the way you explained it, especially about reading to your son, has hit home. There are lots of things in my life that I do because I want the relationship with my daughter or with Dane to be solid. Things I give up because I want to save for our house. Things I do to be a good daughter, friend, and colleague. Exercise and eating healthy needs to be the things I do to be the healthiest me I can be!

  11. Monica Jenista 6 years ago

    Really enjoyed the vlog. Persistence and discipline for me go hand in hand. And realizing that both are a choice and that for me my enjoyment of life suffers when I let go of them, I just keep moving forward – some days a little and some days more. So is it lack of discipline if I work out 30 minutes one day versus 60 minutes or more per a more usual day? Or is it discipline that I worked out at all when I a) was low on time; b) didn’t feel like it. I completely agree that discipline brings freedom and it is a choice. Most of us would say we would certainly choose behaviors that will bring longer life, better life, better relationships and yet in pivotal moments we often or sometimes do not, depending on the person. My husband sometimes says that my discipline borders on OCD because I get all out of sorts if certain things do not happen – the bed isn’t made before I leave the house for the day, I don’t workout first thing in the morning, the living room and kitchen aren’t picked up before bed. So, I’m wondering, is that discipline that drives me or something else? LOL. It is an “urging” in me, I’m just not certain if I can give myself the credit of being disciplined.

    • Author
      Daniel Bartlett 6 years ago

      Thats an excellent question Monica. I think you’ve answered your own question in some ways. If you are doing things because you CHOOSE to do them and like the outcome it is discipline. If it is a compulsive action, that is a little different – although most of us probably have certain areas of our lives we express obsessive behaviours within. Overall, if an action is taking you where YOU want it to take you, and it isn’t detrimental to relationships that matter, it MAY not be entirely important what the origin is. For instance, Alex MUST workout. Has this ever expressed itself in a negative way? Certainly not while i’ve known her, its a healthy compulsion. However, if you see the outcome of a behaviour to be negative, perhaps the discipline should be expressed to stop it. For your first question, you know the answer to that, surely. Every workout you can fit in is a win!

  12. Lesley-Anne Leitch 6 years ago

    Yay singing Daniel is back!!! I totally agree with what you said about discipline when you are younger, you see it totally differently. Now I see it as a great tool to help me keep doing my workouts and recently to my mental health. I am trying to stop looking at things the way I used to, and to realise that I can’t please or help everyone. So for me that is discipline to stop myself from worrying and getting in a panic about nothing. I hope you keep posting your vlog, it will be great to have some words of wisdom from you to help us stay on the right track (keep doing the little intro as well :o)

  13. Author
    Daniel Bartlett 6 years ago

    If I had flux capacitor fuelled Dolorean John, the first thing i’d do (after I picked up the sports almanac and backed the cubbies) is tell myself that discipline is cool!

    • john prockter 6 years ago

      If you ever do, could drop in to see me in Lincoln in 1996, that’d be so helpful! Also, check in with me in 98, also 2001 and definitely 2005. After that I’m feeling like I started to get things right. 😉

  14. John 6 years ago

    I feel the same, a disciplined lifestyle seems to be the key to petty much everything I want in life. It’s just a shame that it seems impossible to understand this kind of thing while you’re young.

  15. CASSANDRA OCAMPO 6 years ago

    well said. Discipline is something that everyone should posses. Even myself I’m still on a process. Working out is the only thing that i have ever done this long so far and I’m proud of myself for being consistent and even those times that i don’t feel doing it but i still choose press play and i guess that’s descipline. Please continue to make vlog. It’s helping us to stay motivated and perhaps we can apply it to others things in life too not just in fitness. Kudos to both of you. And by the way i love the accent ❤

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