Life is hard.

Perhaps we've got to concede that the challenge IS life!

A vast majority of our days are either challenging, stressful, painful, boring, repetitive or any number of things that force us into an uncomfortable zone or place.

Yet, every morning, when confronted by the vast array of tasks on my TODO list, the amount of things that could and often do go wrong, the habits that MUST be repeated and the challenges I have to overcome..I think just one thing.

What better option have I got than to give my best? Click To Tweet

I always conclude I have no BETTER option than giving my best. I'm not saying giving your best is a perfect option, or even a good option. I'm simply suggesting its the BEST option.

* We could curse the hand we've been dealt and how unfair it is.
* We could give up and allow the cards to fall...
* We could numb the pain with food/drink/drugs/other addiction.

I've done them all and I can assure you that giving YOUR BEST is THE grand slam winner of an option!

Your is best is good enough, even when it isn't

Giving YOUR best brings a sense of contentment EVEN when it still doesn't work out. YES.

Giving your best doesn't mean everything will work out. Sometimes it does. But sometimes it means you can smile and say.

"Well, that's the best i've got...can't do more than that..."

Then put your feet up, and feel smug about yourself.

Your circumstances may be harder than another persons, or they may be easier - we've no real way of knowing the unique challenges of a persons life and every life challenge is relative to the individual.

But I DO know that giving YOUR best is the best option you've got, the best option i've got and the best option everybody has got.

Now. Go press play and show me what a rock star you are!


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  1. Sami Bradley 3 weeks ago

    So good! I love that you write about topics that can be applied to every part of life. I think everyone needs to “hear” this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michal Caspi Moav 3 weeks ago

    love it! thank you Daniel

  3. Amy Kennett 3 weeks ago

    Thanks, I needed that!

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