Seize closure

In London, you are surrounded in all directions by high rise buildings that unapologetically obstruct the horizon.

Smog and pollution drape a subtle blanket across the sky.

Sunrises and sunsets are replaced by the honking of horns, whirring engines from planes overhead and the hustle bustle of the day beginning and ending.

Whilst paying lip service to ‘seizing the day’ I had never fully appreciated what this meant until I spent a few days watching the sun rise to welcome the new day and the sun set to bid it farewell.

The sunset brings clarity to the importance of NOW. Today is the only day like it, no other day like today will ever exist.

The sunset brings with it a chance to reflect on the days failures, successes, opportunities seized and opportunities missed. It is a chance to LET IT ALL GO with a smile and look forwards to a new dawn.

‘Seize the day’ is what we normally take from this….but this is not what I learned.

In distinctly separating each day, we are given the chance to LET GO of mistakes, things we regret and things we didn’t get right.

As the sun goes down, we have an opportunity to ‘seize closure’ on the day that has passed.

If we allow our past to dictate our future, our future is already written.

So whilst ‘seize the day’ is popularised in modern culture, I actually believe that ‘seizing closure’ on the day that has gone before could be THE take away from the circadian cycle that sets natural rhythm to our lives.

By letting go of the past, we free ourselves to seize opportunities that make the difference we want in the new dawn.


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